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Here is how to achieve an unforgettable Fall Equinox

Fall is approaching fast, and with-it colder weather and shorter days. This year’s Fall Equinox falls on the 22nd of September. The day is considered the first day of the fall season and happens when the sun passes the equator moving from the northern to the Southern Hemisphere. The day and night have approximated the same length and it is our chance to say goodbye to summer. For this reason, why not take this as an opportunity to celebrate and get out onto the water. Get yourself a luxury yacht rental in Miami to say goodbye to the summer season with style!

What is the weather like on September?

Since Florida is a southern state, September weather can still be warm and inviting. The lows drop down to a comfortable 77 degrees Fahrenheit while the highs can still be at a toasty 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the heat of summer the water still has not cooled down below 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike many other states in the country, September is still the perfect month to jump into the water and get a tan. Winds tend to be low, water is clear, so yachting is a favorite pastime.

What yacht should you choose?

Depending on whom you wish to bring on board, the InStyle team can find the right fit for you. Within their fleet there are yachts as small as 22’ feet Sundancer ranging all the way to 103 Maiora feet. The smaller vessels are ideal for couples as they have room to lounge and cozy seating. On the other hand, the iconic Neptunus 58’ can host a whole family or friend group. There are three generous state rooms, en-suite toilets, and ample seating space. The Neptunus was designed by a Canadian company to entertain. Therefore, it has large seating areas inside with panoramic windows offering 360-degree views outside. There is also comfortable seating on the back deck and lounging space on the front deck.

Where should you go with a charter yacht?

The beauty of chartering your own private yacht is that you have full control over the itinerary. With the InStyle team, you can work out exactly what you wish your Fall Equinox experience to be. Some people opt to stay near the city of Miami. That way they can visit the iconic sites such as Biscayne Bay, Flagler Monument, or Star island. Others prefer to book multi day trips and stay on the vessel overnight. This allows them to visit iconic coastal landmarks and view stunning beaches. If you prefer exploring the underwater, then you may wish to cruise to the Florida Reef. There you can use your snorkel equipment to swim around the pristine coral reefs and take photos of the colorful fish,


So how are you going to spend your fall equinox?

During this crazy year, make every celebration count. So, use this first day of fall as a reminder of the summer. Book your yacht charter in Miami for the ultimate, personalized, trip out onto the blue water! Do not hesitate and give the friendly team a call today to see your options.

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