The Most Memorable Part of Your Trip to Miami

Miami seems to be the ultimate destination for luxury lovers and beach goers alike. Choose between the thousands of top-rated restaurants or vast expanses of white sand beaches. Enjoy year-round tropical weather and an opulent atmosphere wherever you go. However, between bar hopping and beach visiting, your holidays by the sea can slowly blend into one.

If you truly want your holiday to stand out, then you should consider adding a memorable aspect to your trip. A private yacht charter right here in Miami can be just that.

The Ultimate Way to Explore Miami

Have you always wanted to be able to explore the entire Miami coastline? Get the best views on the ever-expanding skyline? Get VIP seating on a tour of Star Island, Flagler Monument, and Brickell Bay? Chartering your own luxury yacht allows you to do that and more from the comfort of a first-class experience.

Find the Perfect Fit

Whether you bring your significant other, or whole family, the Instyle Yacht Fleet has a yacht to match your desires. Check out the incredible 58’ Neptunus that can take you on a cruise of a lifetime.

Personalized Itinerary

Another benefit of cruising downtown Miami and its famous bays on your personal party boat, is that you can kick back and relax in style. Want to sunbathe on the front deck in your swimsuit and sunglasses? Done. Want to sit in the shaded back area with a cocktail in your hand? Sorted. What about listening to your favorite music with state-of-the-art technology? All possible with Instyle.

Trip Miami

Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Whatever your vision of the Miami ultimate destination holiday activity is, you can make it your own on board one of the stunning yachts. Your friends and family will forever remember this trip, especially if you manage to capture your day with gorgeous snapshots. Trust us, there is no better photo than from onboard a perfectly engineered and elegant vessel with the Miami skyline in the background.

Highlighting the History of Star Island

Star Island is a manmade neighborhood in Miami located within the bay just south of the Venetian Islands. It was originally completed in 1922 by the Army Corps engineers by dredging sand and creating this island. Now Star Island is one of the iconic and prestigious neighborhoods in Miami, with a plethora of celebrities calling it their home. It is an exclusive island surrounded by turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay east of the equally famous Palm Island and Hibiscus Island. There is only one way to access the island. The Bridge Road connects to the mainland in south Miami. It’s a beloved destination as it allows residents to drive a short distance to south beach. That are of Miami is renown for nightlife, night clubs, and the best restaurants and bars.

Star Island

While buying property on the island will surely make a dent in your bank account, you can still visit the iconic neighborhood to experience the atmosphere. The glorious waterfront residences are feats of luxurious architecture and have appropriately attracted elite individuals from the business, sports, and entertainment world. Some of the famous ex-residents and residents include Madonna, Thalia, Sean “P” Diddy Combs, Lenny Kravitz, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, and more!

If you decide to tour the island, you will be not surprised why this tropical palm covered paradise surrounded by azure waters has attracted such a caliber of people. If you wish to get the ultimate view of Star Island, then you will need to visit it by boat. Get yourself a party boat rental right here in Miami, and cruise around the iconic island in style. The luxurious yacht with a personalized itinerary will provide an unforgettable part of your Miami adventure. Decide exactly how long you wish to cruise around the area, which sites you wish to visit, and at which point of the beautiful blue water you want to jump in to cool off.

Get the Best Views of Downtown Miami’s Skyline

One of the main reasons you may want to rent a yacht in Miami is to get first class views of the downtown Miami skyline. What started off as a sleepy coastal town with low buildings huddled around Flagler Street has now grown into a thriving metropolitan area. Now Miami boasts over 300 high rises and skyscrapers. The constructions of these sky reaching buildings started in the 1970s and has only accelerated since. Check out this fantastic video created to showcase the evolution of the Miami skyline. 

Getting the full view might be difficult from within the city but fear not! Now you can get the best Yacht rental Miami, and view the modern skyline rising above the clear blue waters. While cruising along the coast you will be able to see the tallest building and most iconic buildings in Miami. The Panorama tower which measures an impressive 256 ft and the historic The Freedom tower. This tower remains a tourist draw since it was erected in 1925. The best part of seeing the skyline from the ocean is you have a comfortable, and motorized vessel to take you on your sightseeing tour. Experience the beauty of Miami’s skyline at golden hour, or watch the city transform to a collection of twinkling lights with reflections in the harbor.

The yacht can take you on the open sea, or around some of the most iconic spots in downtown Miami. Check out the Bayside Marketplace, The famous jungle Island, views of Flamingo Island, Bricknell Key, Fisher Island, Flagler Monument, Star, and Hibiscus Island. If there is anything in particular you want to see in the glorious Miami, simply add it to your itinerary. At Instyle Yachts, the team prides itself in creating the ultimate yacht rental experience to match their client’s dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and book your private yacht charter for a personalized tour of beautiful Miami.

Why is Miami a Great Travel Destination?

Miami is one of the world’s best-known destinations for iconic beaches, luxurious hotels, yacht charter, and stunning 1930’s architecture. Whether you want to wander through the Art Deco District, explore the Bayside Marketplace, or explore the salt marches and Indian burial grounds.

If you like the city life or want to admire nature, Miami is one of those great places to travel to. Miami and its surroundings allows tourists to visit the Everglades National park to see alligators, snakes and crocodiles, or stay central and catch an iconic live event in the American Airlines Arena. Simply put, whatever you like doing on your holidays, you will certainly love doing it in this sunny city. Due to the sun’s constant presence, Miami is probably most famous for its beach life and atmosphere. Spend your time sunbathing on Miami beach or strolling the famous foreshore or just stay on your yacht charter.

What truly makes Miami stand out as a great travel destination, is the amount of water related activities you can partake in. The city is situated directly on the coastline making cruises, speedboats, and yachts a great pastime for locals or holiday makers. To have a truly exquisite experience, there is one thing that stands out above the rest. That is to explore the full Miami coastline on board your very own charter yacht. Yacht Charter Miami is reasonably priced and gives you the perks of being able to design your own itinerary.

Miami south beach

This means no crowds or compromising on which site you most wish to visit. It is also a great alternative to sunbathing away from packed beaches and being able to jump into the blue water at any time without losing your spot! Explore the true beauty of the Florida coastline at your own leisure on board a luxurious yacht.