Sunset Cruise on a luxury private yacht

It is undisputed that the best way to see a sunset is onboard a boat. The colors of the sun reflecting from the surface of the waters cast a spectrum of orange and reds across the sky. An oceanside sunset is a sight to behold, and cruising on a private yacht is a way to see it. If you want to experience a romantic luxury sunset cruise, then you can book with Instyle yachts. Let this private yacht charter in Miami schedule an unforgettable and beautiful sunset cruise. It is the best Miami boat rental with crew available in southern Florida.






Where can you do a sunset cruise?

The sun sets in the west, so if you travel out to see by boat you will be able to see the majestic array of colors setting behind the Miami skyline. With Instyle Yachts you can rent out a private yacht charter and enjoy an evening cruise. A sunset cruise can take you along the coast of Miami, to some of the most picturesque houses on the star studded islands, or the inner city canals. A sunset cruise can be paired with delicious champagne, little snacks, or dinner then it can be organized. Based on what vessel you choose, there is an abundance of options for your evening. Your sunset cruise can be part of a larger package, or a couple hour affair on a designated day.

What yacht can you take for a sunset cruise?

If you are looking for the ultimate romantic evening sunset trips, then we would recommend one of our smaller cruising yachts. These yachts such as the Maiora are large enough for a comfortable ride, space enough to stretch out, and enjoy your sunset degustation. If you rather choose a larger yacht, we recommend the Neptunus 58′. This yacht can accommodate a larger party and provides plenty of areas to entertain. Individuals may choose to sit inside the elegantly finished living room or on the comfortable outdoor seating. In addition, this yacht has a full galley and fridges to keep your food and drink fresh and cool. But that is not all, if you are prone to seasickness this elegant vessel will make you quickly forget you are on a boat.

What services can you expect on a sunset cruise with Instyle Yachts?

Your sunset cruise can feature all the additives that you desire. With Instyle Yachts, the crew can ensure your sunset cruise has the snacks, drinks, and music you wish. All the yachts have state of the art sound systems so you can connect your own music through Bluetooth. In addition, InStyle Yachts offers a full catering service if you require and can fulfil your dietary requirements. The reason that Instyle Yachts is one of the best Miami yacht charter company is because of their unparalleled customer service. The team will be with you every step of the way. So, pick up the phone or send an email with your proposed dates, and let them craft your cruise for you.

Why you need a yacht for Spring Break 2021

Now that the winter is behind is, it is time for celebrations to begin. Spring Break 2021 is almost upon us. What are you planning to do this Spring Break? Warm weather, bikinis, cocktails, and azure waters should certainly be on your list. However, if you are looking for a more luxurious option, then look no further than Instyle Yachts. Get yourself a Miami boat rental with crew. This private yacht charter company will organize the spring break of your dreams. Rent out a vessel for you and your crew for an unforgettable spring break 2021.







Why get a private yacht charter?

The main benefit of a private yacht charter is the ultimate flexibility. This means you can plan your itinerary exactly as you want it. Depending on the size of your group and time you have, Instyle Yachts can personalize your trip. Everything is possible! Whether you wish to cruise around the thriving canals of Miami Florida or go explore the remote reefs. Instyle Yachts have a yacht in its fleet to suit you. All you must do is get on the phone, or put in an online inquiry, to the Instyle Yachts team for personalized advice for your dream.

Star Island
Hibiscus Island
Snorkeling in Miami
Miami Downtown

Where can you go with Instyle Yachts?

Instyle Yachts have a large range of possible itinerary options for you. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our blog posts about some of the most popular destinations. Adventurous individuals choose to cruise down to the Florida Keys, explore the coral reefs, or plan a weeklong holiday. Others looking for luxury and tourism visit the star-studded islands of Hibiscus Island and Star Island. Meanwhile others choose to sightsee famous landmarks, lighthouses, and architectural designs. Since you have a private yacht charter, you are the decision maker on where you go. 

What yacht can you take to spring break 2021?

The fleet at Instyle Yachts is as varied as your preferences. We have anything from small 36′ Sundancer cruise crafts that ride the waves and provide adrenalin seekers a rush on the water. All the way to luxurious mega yachts such as the Neptunus 58′. This pinnacle of ocean engineering is perfectly suited for entertaining and overnight trips. There are three spacious staterooms along with plenty of seating area. You can sit on the comfortable cushions on the back deck or lounge on the nose of the vessel. Alternatively, the luxurious inside has 360-degree views available of the sea.

Why you need a private yacht for spring break 2021?

Make this spring break unforgettable with your favorite people on this unique holiday treat. Book yourself a yacht and an itinerary that will give you the most of your celebrations. The friendly team will help you every step of the way for a seamless and easy break. Leave the technical sides and organization to us and get ready for a party you will never forget. Say goodbye to land and say hello to the ocean-going life. The ultimate spring break escape for 2021 with the best Miami yacht charter company.

Organize your own Miami River Charter

The Miami river runs out of the everglades and through the city of Miami. It is the foundation of this thriving city and has many fantastic spots to stop and explore. If you want to get to know Miami from another perspective, then you should consider this Miami boat rental with crew. InStyle Yachts can plan your trip to feature the most iconic parts of Miami river, while you sit back and relax onboard a luxurious yacht.







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What is the Miami river?

The Miami river is a river in Florida that drains from the Everglades and through Downtown Miami. It is a 5.5-mile-long river that travels from Miami Canal to Biscayne Bay. Prior to the urbanization of the area, Miami river was a natural river inhabited by the Tequesta Indians. Unfortunately, since then, it was dredged and polluted throughout its flow. Now, the river is at the Port of Miami that attracts plenty of boat and tourism traffic. Through the increase of popularity, the rivers health and pollution condition has improved. As a result, many marine animals can be seen in the area.

Image Source:  North-western garter snake (, Northwestern Salamander (, Green Frog (, Pacific Chorus Frog (, Western Toad (, Mule Deer (

What animals live in the Miami River?

Both birds, reptiles, and fish are abundant in the Miami river in Florida. Some of the most spotted creatures include the pacific chorus frog, western toad, green frog, north-western salamander, north-western garter snake and more. In terms of mammals, the banks occasionally have mule deer, and more scampering in the undergrowth. Of course, the biodiversity increases as you travel further upstream. If you are interested in paddling the Miami River Canal, then you may see more animal life. 







What can you see on the Miami River?

The Miami River offers an abundance of river front views for tourists wanting to explore Downtown Miami. Unlike seeing Miami from a car or by foot, traveling by boat gives you a first-class view. From the water, you can see the famous Miami Riverwalk with all its stores and fantastic architecture. You can travel the shortest working river in the world, and you can check out all the unique buildings that have sprung up in Florida. For example, the 6th Street Bridge, 5th street bridge, or the Scottish Rite Temple.

Why rent a yacht to see Miami River?

A yacht allows you to travel and see the Miami River in a way you want. The Miami River canal is a beautiful spot to explore on your own adventure on a private yacht. Instyle Yachts has a range of yachts that can take you on this south Florida adventure. Having your own yacht gives you the flexibility and privacy of a first-class service. With Instyle Yachts, you will also have a knowledgeable crew who can help become your partial guides on this adventure. So, what are you waiting before booking with this Miami yacht charter company?

Biscayne Key by Yacht

A trip to South Florida would not be complete without a stop at Biscayne Key. In addition, the best way to see this iconic spot is from the water. For this reason, you should consider getting a Miami boat rental with crew for the ultimate exploration of Biscayne Key. Give yourself the chance to have a flexible itinerary, stunning views, and a luxurious vehicle.






What can you do in Biscayne Key?

Key Biscayne in Florida offers all the attractions of the sunshine state on this tiny portion of land. There are beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe between beautiful natural parks. As you would be arriving by boat, you can moor on any of these beaches and enjoy the azure water and stunning sites. If you do wish to visit the land you can go explore Crandon Park on the North or Bill Baggs Cape Florida State park in the south. One of the highlights of the area include fringing the coastal coral reef where you can dive in and snorkel. But that is not all, it is the only recognized underwater archaeological trail in the United States.

Photo Credit: Bill Baggs State Park Florida (Phillus / Shutterstock), Crandon Park ( Fotoluminate LLC / Shutterstock )

Why get a private charter yacht?

If you want to travel anywhere in crowded groups and busy roads, then do not consider a yacht. However, if you are looking for a luxurious getaway with a spacious and comfortable seating, flexible schedule, and an unforgettable experience from start to finish, then get a private charter yacht. A private charter yacht gives you all the luxury and flexibility you crave along with privacy and comfort. Instyle Yachts in particular has a wide range of yachts in their fleet that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for an ideal day trip or a weekend trip, there is a yacht for you.

What yacht should you choose to go to Key Biscayne?

Key Biscayne is located a short drive away from Miami therefore can be organized as a short-day trip. For daytrips on a yacht, you may want to choose a smaller vessel. Still, for the couple hour trip you want a yacht that is large enough to be comfortable. The 55″ Sea Ray Sedan could be a perfect option for you. There is enough for sun in the fun and comfort for the full family. It is the perfect mixture of luxury and sailing comfort on the ocean. It is a beautiful combination of sleek lines, sun protection, and smell of fresh ocean air. This vessel can take you for the perfect daytrip to Key Biscayne. If you want to stay longer, then a yacht such as the Neptunus 58′ is for you. This yacht of unparalleled excellence has multiple sleeping rooms, a full galley and plenty of entertaining space. You can spend your time in privacy or celebrating with your friends and family. It is up to you.

Why choose Instyle Yachts?

Instyle Yachts are the Miami yacht charter company that takes care of their clients. From the moment you click on the ” interested” button, until you step off the boat, you are taken care of. The friendly team is there to help you with all your needs. They can help you plan your itinerary, your meals, your crew, and the trip of a lifetime. They know all the ins and outs of Biscayne Key, so trust the locals for a fantastic cruise.

The Best Way to Visit Famous Miami Sites is Via Yacht

Have you always wanted to explore Miami and visit some of the most popular destinations? Unfortunately, so has almost everyone else. Miami is an extremely beloved holiday destination and as a result, it seems like it is overflowing with people. The traffic can be bad, the crowds overwhelming, and the views diluted. However, if you organize a Miami boat rental with crew, then you will be able to visit all the famous Miami sites hassle free.






What are the best sites to visit in Miami?

Miami is known for its beaches, nightlife, and stunning architecture. For the best views, you can cruise along the water and enjoy the sites in front. Instyle Yachts will be able to build an itinerary featuring all the places you want to visit. For example, you may wish to see the Flagler Monument and Hibiscus Island. Alternatively, you may wish to see Star Island or the Miami Canals. Once the sun sets, the Miami skyline itself is an impressive view. If you are a fan of opulent designs and mega mansions, then seeing Miami from the water will be a memorable experience.

What is the best yacht for sight-seeing?

Depending on the size of your party, you may wish to choose a smaller or larger vessel. Smaller vessels such as the 36′ Sundancer may be easier to manoeuvre if the Miami bay becomes busy. It is more agile and well suited for short day trips. If you want to incorporate Miami sight-seeing into a longer cruise, then maybe a larger vessel such as the 58′ Neptunus will suit your needs better. This yacht is a floating mansion. It has three generous staterooms with en-suite bathrooms, a large galley, and spacious indoor and outdoor seating. All the vessels have comfortable seating options available in the sun or under shade. This way you can sunbathe or relax while cruising the azure water.

How do you book your luxury yacht rental?

Instyle Yachts make the booking process easy. Start by contacting our friendly team to check the availability of our vessels on certain dates. They can guide you through every step of the way. If you are unsure about a certain vessel’s ability or suitability, all you need to do is ask. The crew can also help plan your trip, what destinations to visit, the best timing, and what to expect. From their many years of experience working with boats they will use their local knowledge to ensure you have a stress-free trip. So, if you want to see the best of Miami, simply book with this Miami yacht charter company.

Will I see celebrities or their homes on a Miami yacht?

Have you always wanted to visit the star-studded coast of Miami? With beautiful weather around the year, world class beaches, and a thriving nightlife it is no surprise so many of the rich and famous move to Miami. If you want to catch a glimpse of their lives and lifestyles, then we have the solution for you. Book yourself a Miami boat rental with crew for a taste of luxury.

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Will I see celebrities or their homes?

Yes and maybe. While the star studded coast of Miami boasts a large variety of mansions and mega mansions, we cannot promise the sighting of a celebrity. Houses however, are a different story. If you are an architecture buff or simply want to catch a glimpse of the top 1% lifestyle, then we can help you. Simply ask the Instyle Yachts crew to take you to Star Island. One of the most popular islands filled with mansions. Unlike land-based star tours, you will get the best views of these amazing buildings from the water. We of course ensure to be respectful and keep a distance to not disturb anyone’s privacy.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez recently purchased this Star Island home.
Property records show this home is owned by John Forte and Maria Restrepo.
One of several properties owned by Lennar Executive Chairman Stuart Miller.
Another property owned by the Frosts on Star Island.
A mansion once owned by real-estate developer Thomas Kramer
A home appears to be under construction on a site owned by Mr. Miller.
Property records show this home is owned by a trust tied to Frayda B. Lindemann

Star Island Mansions Photo taken from

Where can you go with Instyle Yachts?

If your mission is to visit celebrity hang outs, then we would suggest a couple of options. Cruising from the dock in Miami you could help down Miami beach. Alternatively, you can travel to Hibiscus or Star Island. Both these islands are semi isolated from the mainland and boast some of the most luxurious architecture in the region. Many of these islands have mansions that directly face the water. With private pontoons and ocean views, you will be able to catch a unique glimpse of these homes. During the busy summer season, these homes are a celebrity magnet. You can try your luck in cruising the area, and maybe you will see a famous face on the passing yacht. With Instyle Yachts, you blend into the luxury.








What yacht should I book?

Depending on what size party you are deciding to bring with you on your celebrity house spotting tour, we can help you decide. The Instyle Yachts fleet has a large range of vessels ranging from 36′ to 80′. These yachts effortlessly cruise through the water around Miami with class and elegance. They all have first class safety features and are engineered to perfection. In addition, all their insides are designed to be spacious and designed for entertaining. We have some day cruising yachts along with larger overnight yachts to charter. If you feel overwhelmed, simply talk to one of our friendly team at Instyle Yachts.







Why choose Instyle Yachts?

One thing Instyle Yachts is familiar with, is luxury and class. When booking with this Miami Yacht Charter Company you will not only visit the homes of the rich and famous, but get a taste of the lifestyle. You can cruise the area in true opulence on board any of the magnificent fleet. In addition, you can personalize your itinerary to include a visit to any of the other destinations you may wish to see. A private yacht is the best way to travel and sight see around Miami. Forget the busy roads and traffic jams, welcome to the life at sea.

How to have an unforgettable Birthday celebration in Miami

This year’s birthday, you are on a boat! Imagine the luxury, relaxation, and unforgettable celebration onboard a Miami boat rental with crew. This yacht charter option will ensure privacy and opulence with a customizable itinerary. Plan the celebration of your dreams onboard one of the Instyle Yachts.








Why book a yacht with a crew?

The best thing about organizing a Miami boat rental with crew is that you can sit back and relax. They will take care of everything from the moment you decide to make a booking until you step back off the boat. The helpful team at Instyle Yachts will talk you through all the options over the phone, and help you choose the perfect vessel. Once you have chosen your dream yacht, then you will consider the itinerary. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you can personalize your trip to suit your preferences. In addition, having your private yacht charter means you are flexible to change course if you wish. As a result, this private yacht celebration will be one you never forget. Once you are onboard, the crew will take care of your every need. You can choose to have a full meal served in the galley, snacks from the fridge, or drinks mixed at the bar. Depending on what vessel you choose there are a variety of package options we can offer you.







What vessel should you choose?

Instyle Yachts have a large fleet of stunning vessels to pick from. They all have first class safety features and are engineered to perfection. In addition, they are finished with luxury designed and ergonomic layout for your small group. Some yachts such as the Neptunus 58′ have three large staterooms for overnight trips. Each stateroom is equipped with a plush queen bed and an ensuite bathroom. If you are planning a smaller trip, then a yacht such as the 36′ Sundancer may be enough. This speedy cruise craft will glide over the waves in style.

Where can you go with Instyle Yachts?

As we mentioned above, the best thing about booking your own yacht is the flexible itinerary. The water off Miami is your oyster. Whether you wish to spend the day cruising around the everglades, river, or coastline. You may also choose to visit the famous sights in Miami. With your own yacht you will have first class seats to these most visited locations. See the Flagler Monument, Star Island, and legendary beaches in Miami.

Flagler Monument
Star Island
Downtown Miami
Miami Beach

Celebrate your birthday on a yacht.

Give us a call to book your birthday celebration on one of our yachts. InStyle Yachts is the most trusted Miami yacht charter company. With excellent customer service, exquisite yachts, and fantastic crew, we are dedicated to your trip!

Best time for good weather to cruise in Miami

Florida is known as the sunshine state, as we are lucky to have an average of 237 days in the year. In terms of climate, it is the perfect place in the world to adventure on a boat. Especially in the months from April to November, when the weather is warm and calm. If you have ever wanted to book a yacht in Miami, this post will tell you all about the best time of year.






When is the best time of year to visit Miami?

The best time to visit Miami is from April to November. In these summer months, the city experiences its dry season. The days are sunny, and the water is warm. This makes it the optimal time to visit this coastal town and take advantage of Miami’s beaches. Unfortunately, the months from June until August are extremely popular with holiday makers. For this reason, you may experience higher hotel prices and larger crowds in the restaurants and beaches. If you are looking to party with many people, then maybe summer is ideal for you.






How warm does the water get in Miami?

The water around Miami Beach is warm enough for swimming all year around. The warmest point in the year is from July until mid-august. During the summer months, the water temperature averages 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This water temperature is perfect for swimming without a wetsuit. In the wintertime, the water temperature drops to around 71 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is still warm enough, a light wetsuit may be a good idea if you wish to snorkel.







Worst time to visit Miami?

The worst time to visit Florida is from late summer until November. While the summer temperatures are warm and inviting, there are chances of hurricanes. Storms form frequently inside the season window that stretches from June First until the last day of November. Unfortunately like most weather, hurricanes can be unexpected. The most likely time for Miami to be hit is during the peak of Cape Verde. This is around the month of Augusts and September.

Which yacht should you charter in Miami?

Considering how many yachts Instyle Yachts have in their fleet, it may be confusing to choose the best one. For this reason, we have a helpful Instyle Yachts team ready to help you choose. One beautiful vessel to consider is the 58’ Neptunus. This incredible feat of engineering is luxury on the water. With spacious and elegant design, it is ideal for a weeklong charter for your whole family. It has three generous staterooms and ample space indoors and outdoors. Contact Instyle Yachts today for the best yacht rental in Miami.

Plan a Romantic date onboard a luxury private yacht

Have you always wanted to book a yacht in Miami? Because this is the perfect opportunity to plan a romantic date at sea. Instyle Yachts is the premier yacht charter company in Florida. We can organize your perfect itinerary to match your ideal date. Whether you wish to book a full day, half day, or weeklong charter, we are here for you.






Where can you go with instyle yachts?

The best part about booking your private luxury yacht charter, is that you can dictate your itinerary. You no longer have to depend on other people’s schedules. Forget the stress of taking tours or meeting strict deadlines. With Instyle Yachts you can go where you want when you want. The helpful Instyle Yachts team can plan your itinerary to ensure you spend your romantic date stress free. As a result, you can sit back and relax with your lucky lady or gentleman. One of our top destinations include sight seeing the stunning city of Miami. Another popular option is cruising the river canals and appreciating the local flora and fauna. Finally, the beautiful state of Florida offers abundant turquoise waters. If you are ready to hop into the cooler winter water, then you will be rewarded with ample sea life. Check out the destinations you can visit with Instyle Yachts.






What is more romantic than a sunset cruise?

Since many of the yachts at Instyle Yachts fleet are fully equipped with a galley and fridge, you can enjoy a romantic sunset dinner. Fresh cocktails, cool beer, and delicious canapes can be consumed while overlooking the setting sun. Altogether, every yacht is purpose built for entertaining and providing you the best experience possible. Picture this: watching the setting sun while sitting on the back or front deck on the gently rocking water. Alternatively, you can enjoy the view of the twinkling lights from the city skyline on the beautiful water.






What yacht should you choose?

Have you looked at the magnificent fleet available with Instyle Yachts? Every yacht is perfectly suited for a different type of cruising. From Miami, you can choose anything from the 36’ Sundancer or the 80’ Azimut. If you want to learn more about Instyle Yachts, then make sure to check out our Youtube video. Here you can see a summary of the luxury brand that is Instyle Yachts. It is a company with an obsession with unique travel, powerful machines, a sense of adventure, and white glove service.

Why choose instyle yachts?

Instyle Yachts allow you to choose from a wide selection of boats for your ultimate holiday. We can organize custom orders and personalized itineraries. What makes us stand out above the competition, is our customer service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the best day on the sea possible. Look no further than Instyle Yachts for your yacht rental in Miami.

Have an unforgettable Superbowl Party onboard a yacht

Have you been searching for an unforgettable way to celebrate this year’s Superbowl? Why not organize a private yacht charter in Florida? The Super Bowl is scheduled for the 7th of February in Tampa. This means that a yacht based after party could be the perfect means to celebrate a victory or commiserate a loss. Head on over to Instyle Yachts to find what yacht is available for you and your friends to spend the evening on!







Can you watch the Superbowl on a yacht?

If you hire a yacht such as the Neptunus 58’ then you will be able to watch the Superbowl in utmost elegance and comfort. The yacht features an unparalleled open, spacious layout with a concert quality sound system. It would be possible to project the game in the cabin and sit in the comfortable seating. There is a fantastic entertainment space and extensive seating for your whole party. This means that for those of your party interested in watching the game there is a perfect atmosphere. For the others, there is a whole yacht to explore, swim, or sunbathe on! The yachting experience is perfectly suited for the whole family.

58' Neptunus
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58' Neptunus
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Are there food facilities on the yacht?

Certain yachts are spacious enough to have ample food facilities on board. The Neptunus 58’ yacht has all the comforts of a house with the elegance of a first-class hotel. If you are looking for snacks or food, there is a full-sized galley available. The galley is equipped with solid surface counter tops, a three-burner stove, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator.

Where can you go with a chartered yacht?

If you are looking for a place to celebrate the Superbowl, then your itinerary can be perfectly tailored to that. The options available to you range from cruising the city of Miami to offshore adventures. Get in touch with the friendly Instyle Yachts team to organize the exact type of day you imagine for you and your friends.





How to organize a private yacht charter?

The best way to organize a private yacht charter is from one of the qualified and certified agencies in Florida. It is important to stay away from illegally run operations to ensure your and your passengers’ safety. In addition, choosing a yacht can be a confusing process. That is why the Instyle Yachts team are there to help you every step of the way and are considered one of the premium boat rentals in Miami Florida. So do not hesitate and book your yacht today before they are all snatched up for the 2021 Superbowl Party!