Choose the ultimate way to visit the Florida Reef

There is nothing quite like diving into pristine waters with a mask to glimpse the magical world beneath the waves. The best way to do this, is by chartering your own private yacht. Have you always wanted to see the Florida Coral Reef? First step you need to take is to choose a vessel. There are sizes suited for anyone from a couple or work team party. The next step is to adjust your itinerary. For this, get on the phone with the friendly and helpful Instyle team. Step three is jump onboard your luxury yacht and cruise into the blue!

What can you do on Florida’s reef?

Since you have your own private charter yacht, there is a myriad of activities you can participate in. Chose to bask in the sun, enjoy the views from the panoramic windows, or have a drink on the deck. Cruising around the reef is a luxurious way to experience the azure water. The warm weather and warm water are the perfect combination for a relaxing cruise.

Snorkeling on the Florida Coral Reef

You can also bring or rent snorkeling equipment to jump in the water. With your snorkel kit, you will be able to glimpse the beautiful underwater world. Florida reef has abundant marine life and beautiful coral. Some areas have truly exquisite soft, hard, and fan corals. Amongst these colorful structures you can spot plenty of fish, turtles and crustaceans. Make sure to bring your camera to snap pictures of the pretty reef. 

Jet Ski from the Neptunus

Another more adventurous activity is getting yourself a jet ski rental. InStyle yachts can help you organize a jet ski rental from the Neptunus to whizz across the clear water. Jet skis can get that Adrenalin pumping for thrill seekers.


What yacht is best suited for you?

The InStyle yacht fleet is filled with high end, engineering masterpieces of leisure craft. The Neptunus 58’ is a prime example of the spacious and versatile vessels. This elegantly designed yacht was made for entertaining. It has three generous state rooms, en-suite toilets, and plenty of privacy. On the top deck, there are comfortable seating options and panoramic style windows. Therefore, you can benefit from the stunning views whether you are inside or outside.

Why get a yacht charter from Miami?

Chartering your own yacht from Miami gives you the ultimate flexibility on your itinerary. You will be able to personalize your trip to meet your specific needs. Give the InStyle crew a call to organize your vision into a reality. As a yacht charter in Miami, Instyle provides first class service before, during, and after your charter. Send them an email or call the team directly. They will be able to help you choose your yacht, craft an itinerary, and add any additives such as a personalized chef.

Here is how to achieve an unforgettable Fall Equinox

Fall is approaching fast, and with-it colder weather and shorter days. This year’s Fall Equinox falls on the 22nd of September. The day is considered the first day of the fall season and happens when the sun passes the equator moving from the northern to the Southern Hemisphere. The day and night have approximated the same length and it is our chance to say goodbye to summer. For this reason, why not take this as an opportunity to celebrate and get out onto the water. Get yourself a luxury yacht rental in Miami to say goodbye to the summer season with style!

What is the weather like on September?

Since Florida is a southern state, September weather can still be warm and inviting. The lows drop down to a comfortable 77 degrees Fahrenheit while the highs can still be at a toasty 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the heat of summer the water still has not cooled down below 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike many other states in the country, September is still the perfect month to jump into the water and get a tan. Winds tend to be low, water is clear, so yachting is a favorite pastime.

What yacht should you choose?

Depending on whom you wish to bring on board, the InStyle team can find the right fit for you. Within their fleet there are yachts as small as 22’ feet Sundancer ranging all the way to 103 Maiora feet. The smaller vessels are ideal for couples as they have room to lounge and cozy seating. On the other hand, the iconic Neptunus 58’ can host a whole family or friend group. There are three generous state rooms, en-suite toilets, and ample seating space. The Neptunus was designed by a Canadian company to entertain. Therefore, it has large seating areas inside with panoramic windows offering 360-degree views outside. There is also comfortable seating on the back deck and lounging space on the front deck.

Where should you go with a charter yacht?

The beauty of chartering your own private yacht is that you have full control over the itinerary. With the InStyle team, you can work out exactly what you wish your Fall Equinox experience to be. Some people opt to stay near the city of Miami. That way they can visit the iconic sites such as Biscayne Bay, Flagler Monument, or Star island. Others prefer to book multi day trips and stay on the vessel overnight. This allows them to visit iconic coastal landmarks and view stunning beaches. If you prefer exploring the underwater, then you may wish to cruise to the Florida Reef. There you can use your snorkel equipment to swim around the pristine coral reefs and take photos of the colorful fish,


So how are you going to spend your fall equinox?

During this crazy year, make every celebration count. So, use this first day of fall as a reminder of the summer. Book your yacht charter in Miami for the ultimate, personalized, trip out onto the blue water! Do not hesitate and give the friendly team a call today to see your options.

Snorkel Key Largo and Christ of the Abyss Onboard a Private Yacht

Have you ever wanted to escape from everyday life? Sink into another world thru underwater snorkel? Explore something extraordinary? Luckily for you, as humans, we know less about our very own oceans than outer space. So, for a completely out of this world experience, all you need is a snorkel set and the coastal waters of Florida.

For the best reef options and adventure flexibility, book yourself a charter yacht from Miami with Instyle Yachts. Their friendly crew will help you create the itinerary of your dreams.

Is underwater snorkel safe?

If you know how to swim, snorkeling is perfectly safe and easy. However, if you are unsure in the water, your crew will be able to provide you with a life vest to boost your confidence. The best rule of thumb is to also avoid touching anything underwater. Coral, rocks, and other sea structures can give you sharp cuts! So, for your safety, and the oceans, please keep your hands to yourself!






What is the water temperature?

The water in Key Largo is a beautiful 82-87 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. In addition to the sunny blue skies, you will hardly need a wetsuit to keep warm! Ensure to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation or sunburn by grabbing a sun shirt or thin wetsuit. This way you can avoid potentially hazardous chemical sunscreen for the reef. Keep your eyes peeled for Reef Safe Sunscreen!

What will you see when snorkeling in Key Largo?

Key Largo is home to one of the most biodiverse underwater ecosystems in the world. Coral Reefs are fascinating structures of animal and plants living together in enormous colonies. These slow growing, limestone-based construction attract sea life in all forms. Enjoy peeking beneath the waves and feel welcome among the fish, crustaceans, waving corals and splendid colors. Since color disappears the deeper you go below the water, the best viewing is a few feet below the surface. See how many different color fish you can spot or simply gaze at the mesmerizing coral. Soft coral, hard coral, sea fans and more all grow within coral reefs. There are some truly healthy reefs available a short ride from Miami.







Where can you see the Christ of the Abyss?

The Christ of the Abyss is a towering statue of Jesus Christ that is under water. Since the statue of Christ submerged underwater is a popular tourism draw, unfortunately, the reef is quite damaged. Despite this, Christ makes an impressive photo opportunity for snorkelers. So, grab your equipment and dive beneath the waves from your charter Miami Yacht to get there!

What creatures can your snorkel with in key largo?

Some of the other creatures that make frequent appearances include green and hawksbill sea turtles. These underwater reptiles cruise along the coral reefs and can be quite inquisitive of divers!

Despite what the film Nemo has shown you, please do not try to ride the back of a turtle! Do not miss out on the beauty of Florida’s reefs so book yourself a luxurious yacht charter Miami. Click here to see the extensive fleet and chose the perfect yacht! 

7 Benefits of Chartering a Yacht vs a Hotel

For many of us, an ideal holiday has a few of the following components. It is relaxing, it is entertaining, and gives us a Temporary, new atmosphere. Many people opt for a hotel for some pampering, but this year it is time to step it up! With everything that is happening in the world, the ultimate holiday is socially distanced and luxuriously versatile. Charter a yacht and know its benefits over a hotel.

1. You can wake up anywhere

One of the best things about chartering a yacht, is that it is mobile. It is your vacation! So, enjoy the freedom and flexibility of your very own yacht. Plan a detailed itinerary with the help of InStyle Yacht team and spend your holiday cruising the Florida waters. This way, you can wake up at a different picturesque location every morning. If you get tired of a place, all you need to do is pull up anchor and cruise.

2. The privacy is unparalleled

While in hotels you may experience unpleasant neighbors, on a yacht. The only neighbors are the fish in the sea. Out in the vast water you have privacy and tranquility. You can decide whether you wish to anchor near other watercrafts or Find a secluded anchorage. The flexibility of a chartered yacht means you can dictate what and who is around. It is the ideal escape from unwanted guests, paparazzi, and the hustle of mainland.

3. 1st class views

InStyle Yachts has a fleet of elegantly designed and engineered Yachts. The popular Neptunus has two en-suite sleeping quarters and a comfortable seating area with panoramic views. Unlike a stationary view from a hotel room, you have the luxury of an ever-changing horizon. Enjoy views of the Miami skyline, the azure water, or iconic tropical islands.

4. Smart use of space

You may think that a boat is cramped and crowded. However, the yachts at InStyle are designed to be spacious and elegant. Depending on how many people you wish to bring aboard, you will be able to find the yacht tailored to your needs. Simply call the InStyle team to explain your vision and allow it to become reality.

5. Take your holiday to the next level

A hotel has all your standard activities, but on a yacht, you have a whole new world of opportunities. You can personalize your itinerary to include kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, sight-seeing, or sunbathing out at sea. Whether you wish for an action-packed holiday, or a relaxing one, a yacht has it all. Enjoy state of the art entertainment system, fantastic speakers, and TVs to watch your favorite movie inside. Or spend your time on the deck with a cocktail in your hand.

6. Personalized chef

Did you know you can get your very own personalized chef onboard? You will be able to fine dine on the highest quality ingredients every meal. Have your meals cooked specifically for your gastronomic throughout your trip. Simply talk to the chef and customize your menu depending on your mood and taste!

7. Sensational Service

Chartering a yacht also ensures you have first class service. The InStyle Yacht team can walk you through the whole process and guarantee you have an unforgettable vacation. So do not hesitate and contact us now to begin the journey.

The Best Way To Visit Florida Lighthouses

Are you a fan to explore lighthouses? These solitary, rising towers dot a coastline as a staple, and icon of seaside communities. If you enjoy visiting these distinctive buildings, then you will delight in Florida’s lighthouses. Trust the architects to build in the most picturesque spots by the ocean. With over 1800 miles of coastline, Florida has twenty-nine lighthouses. Some short, some tall, some still functional, and others purely historical. Not all are open to the public, however you can visit the sights and tour fourteen. For the most unique experience, you may wish to travel by sea. Simply charter your own luxury yacht rental Miami​ and personalize the itinerary to visit these historic buildings.

Boca Grande

This quaint little lighthouse is a structure made up of white wooden frames and green shutters. It is a currently active lighthouse constructed in 1890. What makes this lighthouse unique is its relatively small height, standing at only 44 feet tall.







Cape Canaveral

Known for space shuttle launches, Cape Canaveral also recently reopened the lighthouse. It is a canonical iron tower painted with black and white horizontal bands. The lighthouse is 145 feet tall stands within the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Be mindful that if you are a foreign national you are required to provide passport information at least 72 hours prior to the tour.

Cape Florida

The Cape Florida lighthouse is in Key Biscayne just south of Miami. This lighthouse is probably the most accessible by yacht if you depart from Miami. As an active lighthouse these is a keepers dwelling, detached kitchen, and privy. It was restored in 1996 and is now a museum for the public to visit.







Cape St. George

This lighthouse is located on Little St George Island and is only accessible by boat. After it was built on the edge of the water, constant waves eroded the beach. This caused it to develop a significant and dangerous lean. Therefore, it gained the status as Florida’s most endangered lighthouse. Since then, the lighthouse was reconstructed upon a new foundation in 2000. The improved and safe tower is now open for public visitation. So do not hesitate and plan your trip to include this gorgeous structure.

Cedar Keys

While this lighthouse is only open for two days out of the year, it is quite an attractive tourist destination. As the smallest lighthouse in Florida it measures only 33 feet. When you visit it, you will see a white traditional style building that signals with a white lantern constructed in 1854. Check their website about the open days. Otherwise, you may view it from a distance.









Hillsboro inlet

The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse is located on Pompano Beach in south east Florida. It is a two-colored skeletal structure that reaches 142 feet into the sky. Unfortunately, it is only open for tours four times a year. The area surrounding it is quite picturesque, so visitors frequently add this lighthouse to their check list.

Jupiter Inlet

This bright orange lighthouse is in Jupiter on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It is an active lighthouse operated by the Loxahatchee river historical society. Built on a 48-foot Indian mound it has cultural significance and offers tours with history. The Jupiter Inlet is open to the public and has popular daily sunset tours. Make sure to book in advance to secure your spot.



Pensacola Lighthouse

This iconic black lighthouse in the Western Florida panhandle is a currently active lighthouse built in 1856. One of the main draws of this lighthouse is that visitors can watch the Blue Angels practice from a unique perspective. It has also been featured on Ghost Hunters as it is claimed to be haunted. So, head over there to see if you will see a ghost!

These are just some of the explore lighthouses you can check out on the coast of Florida. Take some time to visit these historic structures and see the spectacular panoramic views offered by lighthouse locations. Learn some history, snap photos, and enjoy the Florida seaside. Check out the fleet that Instyle Yachts has on offer for the ultimate seaside yacht charter Miami cruise.