Famous Homes and sites to see on Millionaires Row

It is one thing to do a star tour on a bus or official tour. It is a completely other thing to explore the lifestyles of the rich and famous onboard your private luxury yacht. Daydream about becoming a millionaire while sightseeing the dozens of millionaire’s mansions in Miami. With most of these properties being waterfront, see what star’s homes you can spot from your vessel. Book a rental yacht in Miami for first class sightseeing.

Where are the millionaire homes?







The sightseeing cruises take you around the many islands in Biscayne bay. This area is considered Miami Millionaires Row. Biscayne bay is the body of water that separates the mainland from the island of Miami beach. The area is very exclusive as the islands are private. Many of which are only accessible by boat, or yacht. This is precisely where Miami’s rich and famous live and go for their getaways. Most of the famous homes are located on Star, Palm, or Hibiscus Island. In addition, the Venetian Islands also boast some stunning homes. The most exclusive island, that is only accessible by boat, is Fisher Island. This Island is fully independent with schools, groceries, and other necessities located right there.

Who lives on Millionaires Row?

Most of the houses on Millionaires Row are temporary holiday homes to the stars. There are very few permanent residents. This means that unfortunately, there is only a small chance of seeing a big Hollywood star when cruising by the homes. However, the houses and the super mega yachts out the front of the houses are worth seeing. Below, are listed some of the celebrities that have their homes on these islands and that you can have a peek at from the water.

Will Smith
Ricky Martin
Julio Iglesias
Alicia Keys
Carmen Electra
Matt Damon
Jackie Chan
Gloria Estefan
Emilio Esteves
Al Capone
Antonio Banderas
Frank Sinatra
Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez
Shaquille O’Neale

Image Source:  Will Smith (indiewire.com) , Shakira (nytimes.com), Ricky Martin (nbcnews.com), Julio Iglesias (wikipedia.org), Alicia Keys (billboard.com), Carmen Electra (chippewa.com), Matt Damon(goldderby.com), Jackie Chan (forbes.com), Gloria Estefan (aarp.org), Emilio Esteves (theguardian.com), Al Capone (wikipedia.org), Antonio Banderas (theguardian.com), Frank Sinatra (rollingstone.com), Ben Affleck (wikipedia.org), Jennifer Lopez (popsugar.com), Shaquille O’Neale (wikipedia.org), Rihanna (wikipedia.org)

In addition, there are star condos where stars like Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise are neighbors.

What yacht should you take to explore Millionaires Row?

The benefit of exploring Millionaire Row with your own yacht is that the water is always calm and beautiful. This means that you only need a small yacht to maneuver in this area. Check out the fleet of yachts available at Instyle Yachts, to see what your favorite option would be. The helpful team at Instyle Yachts can help you pick the best suited yacht for your needs. Why not try the incredible Neptunus 58′ that will make you feel right at home on Millionaires Row. Or the speedy 36′ Sundancer that will dance through the waves and give you ultimate maneuverability. So, organize your yacht rental in Miami today with Instyle Yachts.


Experience the Best of Miami Snorkeling on Private Yacht

Have you always wanted to dive beneath the waves like Ariel? Or explore Florida’s many reefs and it is thriving inhabitants? The best way to get out to the reef and snorkel, is to book a yacht in Miami. Unlike tourism tours that dictate your itinerary for the day, a private yacht lets you travel at your own ease. Florida has some of the world’s most famous reefs. So, what are you waiting for? Book your yacht and dive into the water soon!







Where can you snorkel in Miami?

While snorkeling right in Miami will not provide you with the most biodiverse view. There are several reefs close to Miami. Miami itself is famous for miles of pristine and sandy beaches. Just offshore, the clear Atlantic Ocean has the third largest barrier reef in the world. This reef is the only one in North America and spans 220 miles from Miami to the Dry Tortugas past Key west. The Florida Straits is a unique ecosystem that is protected by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s National Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary Program. Therefore, snorkeling is one of the top tourist activities in Miami. It is easy and an incredible way to discover the coral reef, mangrove islands, and thriving marine life. You can expect to see colorful coral reefs, reef fish, dolphins, and a variety of other sea creatures.







Best Places to Snorkel in Miami?

If you have decided to go snorkeling, check out some of these most popular and beautiful areas.

What do you need to snorkel?

Snorkeling requires no official certification. However, it is advisable that you are a confident swimmer. Then all you need is mask, snorkel and fins and a way to get to the pristine reefs. Once at the reef, you can hop in and take in the world around. To help protect the reef for future generations please consider your impact on the coral. For this reason, use reef friendly sunscreen, refrain from touching any coral, and do not collect any pieces to take home with you. As they say, leave only bubbles.







Why take a private yacht to snorkel?

The thing about snorkeling is that everyone wants to snorkel in a different area and for a different duration of time. This means, with the flexibility of your own private yacht, you can dictate your day. You are not dependent on the tour operator and can visit pristine reefs. Unlike tourism crews that frequent the same spots, you can venture out and explore the coral reefs. Depending on your yacht size that you choose from the Instyle Yachts fleet, you can travel all the way down the Florida Keys. Let the helpful Instyle Yachts team aid you in picking your vessel and your itinerary. So, click here to begin organizing your yacht rental in Miami.







Star gazing from a Yacht

The best part of living in Miami is the nightlife, culture, weather, and population. The worst is probably the light pollution. However, luckily for you, all you need to do is book a yacht in Miami to see the unpolluted sky. Get a luxury private yacht for the most luxurious and exclusive star gazing from a yacht.







What stars can you see in Florida?

The Florida night sky can boast some of the most incredible views in the world. In addition to frequent meteor showers, the milky way galaxy stands vibrant against the black sky. Once away from the metropolis, the glittering dots cover the black velvet background. Download a stargazing app to see the movement of the plants and some of the most famous stars. See if you can spot Orion’s belt, the Red Giant Betelgeuse, or the shining Venus. 





Image Source: withlovefromlou.co.uk

The most romantic yacht trip

There is nothing as romantic as a star gazing trip. Picture you and your loved one splayed out on the comfortable deck of a private yacht with the view of a million stars above. Whether you want to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or similar, you cannot go wrong with this romantic gesture. Let the Instyle Yachts crew organize refreshments paired for the moment. Combine stargazing with sparkling, chocolate dipped strawberries, and some soothing music to set the mood. 

Enjoy the Florida Meteor Showers

As mentioned previously, meteor showers, or shooting stars, are frequent in Florida. Here are some of the upcoming meteor showers in Florida.

Eta Aquariids
May 5, 2021
Delta Aquariids
Late July, 2021
August 12, 2021
October 8, 2021
October 21, 2021
South Taurids
November 4-5, 2021

Image Source: Eta Aquariids (nytimes.com), Delta Aquariids (earthsky.org), Perseids (almanac.com), draconid (earthsky.org), Orionids (earthsky.org), South Taurids (www.space.com)


These are just some of the upcoming meteor showers. Meteor showers are celestial events where several meteors are observed to radiate from one point in the sky. The cause of these meteors are streams of cosmic debris named meteoroids entering the earth’s atmosphere. When they enter the atmosphere at high speeds, they burn up causing the streams of light behind them.

What yacht to choose?

Depending on the group size you want to bring onboard, you may be partial to a smaller or larger yacht. All the yachts in the Instyle Yachts fleet are engineered to meet the highest safety standards. They also have elegant finishes and spacious seating areas. If you are looking for an overnight trip, consider booking the Neptunus 58’. This top of the class yacht has three generous staterooms, a full-size galley, and spaces to lay and stargaze.

Why choose instyle Yachts?

Instyle Yachts understand the need for the personalized and luxurious feel. Instyle Yachts can make the whole process smooth sailing from inquiry to booking. Let them take care of everything from the moment you send us an email until you are stepping off the boat. This yacht rental in Miami is dedicated to customer service and making sure you have an incredible trip.

Gender Reveal Party Offshore

Do you want a memorable way to celebrate your baby’s gender reveal? Because we have the perfect solution for you. All you need to do is book a yacht in Miami for the ultimate gender reveal party offshore. It is unforgettable, photogenic, and the chance to invite your favorite people to celebrate with you. Unlike some other gender reveal options, it will also be iconic without any unnecessary property damage or extraneous costs.







How does having a party on a yacht work?

To have a party on a boat, you will need several things. Your chosen day, the duration of your party, and ideal cruising route. If you are unsure about any of these aspects, the friendly team at Instyle Yachts will happily help you. Once all that is sorted, you can create your party invitations. The largest rental boat in Florida can take 12 passengers so you can bring your closest and dearest friends for this celebration. With the help of the Instyle Yachts team you can then collaborate to decide on drinks, nibbles, and potentially even a theme on board.







How to reveal your gender onboard a yacht?

Just like on land, you can choose to go the route of a gender reveal cake, scratch to reveal, present opening, or ribbon release! While confetti, balloons, and paint may all be fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender, they may be too messy for the boat. Confetti and balloons could end up in the ocean and cause unwanted trash and pollution in the sea. So, if you are on a boat consider the marine wildlife and ecosystems around you. Whatever other route you chose to go on, will still provide beautiful photos with the Miami skyline as a backdrop.

What yacht to choose?

Now that you know your gender reveal and the other details, you may be wondering about what yacht to choose. Depending on the size of your party and budget there may be a perfect yacht for you. Check out the large fleet available for you to cruise and celebrate your baby on. There are some yachts that are well suited for a quick cruise, while others can host up to 10 people comfortably overnight. Check out the Neptunus 58′ for the ultimate luxury and convenience. There is a galley for food, 3 large staterooms to sleep, and ample entertainment space on the outdoor deck. If you are looking for something specific, just let the Instyle Yachts team know!


Why choose Instyle Yachts?

Instyle Yachts is the premier luxury yacht charter company in Miami. They have yachts that are engineered to premier safety considerations, and unparalleled elegance. The Instyle Yachts team is also extremely knowledgeable and eager to help you have the best trip. If you want to be taken care of from start to finish, then choose Instyle Yachts as your yacht rental in Miami.

Lagoon Swimming by Yacht

The crystal lagoon pool in Florida may be the largest man-made pool in the world, however Florida has many such natural wonders. If you want to adventure and swim in natural lagoons by yacht, then book a yacht in Miami. A Yacht can give you first class luxury on the way to and from the lagoon with ample opportunity bask in the Florida sun. You can also book a smaller yacht and enjoy cruising the lagoon itself.







What is a lagoon?

A lagoon is a body of water that is separated from a larger body of water, like the sea or ocean, by a natural barrier. These natural barriers are frequently sandbars, barrier reefs, coral reefs, or rocky outcrops. Interestingly, the word lagoon derives from the Italian word Laguna. That means pond or lake. Lagoons are popular tourist attractions for their unique shape and beautiful clear water.






Image Source: www.crystal-lagoons.com

What lagoons are there in Florida?

There are many lagoons! If you search lagoons in Miami, you will be overwhelmed by the number of manmade lagoons created inland. The Crystal Lagoon in Florida is the largest swimming pool in the world. Natural lagoons however outnumber man made ones significantly. They dot the coastline and are the home to a large variety of creatures. Why not check out Mosquito Island Natural Reserve? While the name may not sound inviting, this freshwater lagoon is beautiful!






Image Source: kellermannsmith.com

Is it safe to swim in Florida lagoons?

Yes, with some caution. Unfortunately, there have been concerning incidents in the past where an alligator has dragged off a toddler from Walt Disney World’s Seven Seas Lagoon. Lagoons in general are a common place to spot alligators, however humans are typically not on their menu. Statistics show an average of 7 unprovoked bites a year, where most do not prove fatal. It is reasonable therefore to assume that most freshwater lagoons do have gators. However, it does not need to deter people from swimming. The key recommendation by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee is to not go swimming outside of daylight hours. Alligators, as many other marine predators, are most active at dusk or dawn. If you want to learn more about alligators, click here.

Access Lagoons by Yacht

While lagoons are separated from larger bodies of water by a piece of land, it does not mean you cannot visit them by yacht. A private charter yacht gives you the access and ability to choose your personal itinerary. With the help of the Instyle Yachts team, you can organize your very own personalized trip. Let them know what lagoon you would be interested in visiting, and they can do the rest. So, when you are getting your yacht rental in Miami, call Instyle Yachts to book your dream trip now.

Sunset Cruise on a luxury private yacht

It is undisputed that the best way to see a sunset is onboard a boat. The colors of the sun reflecting from the surface of the waters cast a spectrum of orange and reds across the sky. An oceanside sunset is a sight to behold, and cruising on a private yacht is a way to see it. If you want to experience a romantic luxury sunset cruise, then you can book with Instyle yachts. Let this private yacht charter in Miami schedule an unforgettable and beautiful sunset cruise. It is the best Miami boat rental with crew available in southern Florida.






Where can you do a sunset cruise?

The sun sets in the west, so if you travel out to see by boat you will be able to see the majestic array of colors setting behind the Miami skyline. With Instyle Yachts you can rent out a private yacht charter and enjoy an evening cruise. A sunset cruise can take you along the coast of Miami, to some of the most picturesque houses on the star studded islands, or the inner city canals. A sunset cruise can be paired with delicious champagne, little snacks, or dinner then it can be organized. Based on what vessel you choose, there is an abundance of options for your evening. Your sunset cruise can be part of a larger package, or a couple hour affair on a designated day.

What yacht can you take for a sunset cruise?

If you are looking for the ultimate romantic evening sunset trips, then we would recommend one of our smaller cruising yachts. These yachts such as the Maiora are large enough for a comfortable ride, space enough to stretch out, and enjoy your sunset degustation. If you rather choose a larger yacht, we recommend the Neptunus 58′. This yacht can accommodate a larger party and provides plenty of areas to entertain. Individuals may choose to sit inside the elegantly finished living room or on the comfortable outdoor seating. In addition, this yacht has a full galley and fridges to keep your food and drink fresh and cool. But that is not all, if you are prone to seasickness this elegant vessel will make you quickly forget you are on a boat.

What services can you expect on a sunset cruise with Instyle Yachts?

Your sunset cruise can feature all the additives that you desire. With Instyle Yachts, the crew can ensure your sunset cruise has the snacks, drinks, and music you wish. All the yachts have state of the art sound systems so you can connect your own music through Bluetooth. In addition, InStyle Yachts offers a full catering service if you require and can fulfil your dietary requirements. The reason that Instyle Yachts is one of the best Miami yacht charter company is because of their unparalleled customer service. The team will be with you every step of the way. So, pick up the phone or send an email with your proposed dates, and let them craft your cruise for you.

Why you need a yacht for Spring Break 2021

Now that the winter is behind is, it is time for celebrations to begin. Spring Break 2021 is almost upon us. What are you planning to do this Spring Break? Warm weather, bikinis, cocktails, and azure waters should certainly be on your list. However, if you are looking for a more luxurious option, then look no further than Instyle Yachts. Get yourself a Miami boat rental with crew. This private yacht charter company will organize the spring break of your dreams. Rent out a vessel for you and your crew for an unforgettable spring break 2021.







Why get a private yacht charter?

The main benefit of a private yacht charter is the ultimate flexibility. This means you can plan your itinerary exactly as you want it. Depending on the size of your group and time you have, Instyle Yachts can personalize your trip. Everything is possible! Whether you wish to cruise around the thriving canals of Miami Florida or go explore the remote reefs. Instyle Yachts have a yacht in its fleet to suit you. All you must do is get on the phone, or put in an online inquiry, to the Instyle Yachts team for personalized advice for your dream.

Star Island
Hibiscus Island
Snorkeling in Miami
Miami Downtown

Where can you go with Instyle Yachts?

Instyle Yachts have a large range of possible itinerary options for you. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our blog posts about some of the most popular destinations. Adventurous individuals choose to cruise down to the Florida Keys, explore the coral reefs, or plan a weeklong holiday. Others looking for luxury and tourism visit the star-studded islands of Hibiscus Island and Star Island. Meanwhile others choose to sightsee famous landmarks, lighthouses, and architectural designs. Since you have a private yacht charter, you are the decision maker on where you go. 

What yacht can you take to spring break 2021?

The fleet at Instyle Yachts is as varied as your preferences. We have anything from small 36′ Sundancer cruise crafts that ride the waves and provide adrenalin seekers a rush on the water. All the way to luxurious mega yachts such as the Neptunus 58′. This pinnacle of ocean engineering is perfectly suited for entertaining and overnight trips. There are three spacious staterooms along with plenty of seating area. You can sit on the comfortable cushions on the back deck or lounge on the nose of the vessel. Alternatively, the luxurious inside has 360-degree views available of the sea.

Why you need a private yacht for spring break 2021?

Make this spring break unforgettable with your favorite people on this unique holiday treat. Book yourself a yacht and an itinerary that will give you the most of your celebrations. The friendly team will help you every step of the way for a seamless and easy break. Leave the technical sides and organization to us and get ready for a party you will never forget. Say goodbye to land and say hello to the ocean-going life. The ultimate spring break escape for 2021 with the best Miami yacht charter company.

Organize your own Miami River Charter

The Miami river runs out of the everglades and through the city of Miami. It is the foundation of this thriving city and has many fantastic spots to stop and explore. If you want to get to know Miami from another perspective, then you should consider this Miami boat rental with crew. InStyle Yachts can plan your trip to feature the most iconic parts of Miami river, while you sit back and relax onboard a luxurious yacht.







Image source: www.bizjournals.com

What is the Miami river?

The Miami river is a river in Florida that drains from the Everglades and through Downtown Miami. It is a 5.5-mile-long river that travels from Miami Canal to Biscayne Bay. Prior to the urbanization of the area, Miami river was a natural river inhabited by the Tequesta Indians. Unfortunately, since then, it was dredged and polluted throughout its flow. Now, the river is at the Port of Miami that attracts plenty of boat and tourism traffic. Through the increase of popularity, the rivers health and pollution condition has improved. As a result, many marine animals can be seen in the area.

Image Source:  North-western garter snake (wikipedia.org), Northwestern Salamander (burkemuseum.org), Green Frog (collections.museumsvictoria.com.au), Pacific Chorus Frog (mister-toad.com), Western Toad (palomar.edu), Mule Deer ( Wikipedia.org)

What animals live in the Miami River?

Both birds, reptiles, and fish are abundant in the Miami river in Florida. Some of the most spotted creatures include the pacific chorus frog, western toad, green frog, north-western salamander, north-western garter snake and more. In terms of mammals, the banks occasionally have mule deer, and more scampering in the undergrowth. Of course, the biodiversity increases as you travel further upstream. If you are interested in paddling the Miami River Canal, then you may see more animal life. 







What can you see on the Miami River?

The Miami River offers an abundance of river front views for tourists wanting to explore Downtown Miami. Unlike seeing Miami from a car or by foot, traveling by boat gives you a first-class view. From the water, you can see the famous Miami Riverwalk with all its stores and fantastic architecture. You can travel the shortest working river in the world, and you can check out all the unique buildings that have sprung up in Florida. For example, the 6th Street Bridge, 5th street bridge, or the Scottish Rite Temple.

Why rent a yacht to see Miami River?

A yacht allows you to travel and see the Miami River in a way you want. The Miami River canal is a beautiful spot to explore on your own adventure on a private yacht. Instyle Yachts has a range of yachts that can take you on this south Florida adventure. Having your own yacht gives you the flexibility and privacy of a first-class service. With Instyle Yachts, you will also have a knowledgeable crew who can help become your partial guides on this adventure. So, what are you waiting before booking with this Miami yacht charter company?

Biscayne Key by Yacht

A trip to South Florida would not be complete without a stop at Biscayne Key. In addition, the best way to see this iconic spot is from the water. For this reason, you should consider getting a Miami boat rental with crew for the ultimate exploration of Biscayne Key. Give yourself the chance to have a flexible itinerary, stunning views, and a luxurious vehicle.






What can you do in Biscayne Key?

Key Biscayne in Florida offers all the attractions of the sunshine state on this tiny portion of land. There are beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe between beautiful natural parks. As you would be arriving by boat, you can moor on any of these beaches and enjoy the azure water and stunning sites. If you do wish to visit the land you can go explore Crandon Park on the North or Bill Baggs Cape Florida State park in the south. One of the highlights of the area include fringing the coastal coral reef where you can dive in and snorkel. But that is not all, it is the only recognized underwater archaeological trail in the United States.

Photo Credit: Bill Baggs State Park Florida (Phillus / Shutterstock), Crandon Park ( Fotoluminate LLC / Shutterstock )

Why get a private charter yacht?

If you want to travel anywhere in crowded groups and busy roads, then do not consider a yacht. However, if you are looking for a luxurious getaway with a spacious and comfortable seating, flexible schedule, and an unforgettable experience from start to finish, then get a private charter yacht. A private charter yacht gives you all the luxury and flexibility you crave along with privacy and comfort. Instyle Yachts in particular has a wide range of yachts in their fleet that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for an ideal day trip or a weekend trip, there is a yacht for you.

What yacht should you choose to go to Key Biscayne?

Key Biscayne is located a short drive away from Miami therefore can be organized as a short-day trip. For daytrips on a yacht, you may want to choose a smaller vessel. Still, for the couple hour trip you want a yacht that is large enough to be comfortable. The 55″ Sea Ray Sedan could be a perfect option for you. There is enough for sun in the fun and comfort for the full family. It is the perfect mixture of luxury and sailing comfort on the ocean. It is a beautiful combination of sleek lines, sun protection, and smell of fresh ocean air. This vessel can take you for the perfect daytrip to Key Biscayne. If you want to stay longer, then a yacht such as the Neptunus 58′ is for you. This yacht of unparalleled excellence has multiple sleeping rooms, a full galley and plenty of entertaining space. You can spend your time in privacy or celebrating with your friends and family. It is up to you.

Why choose Instyle Yachts?

Instyle Yachts are the Miami yacht charter company that takes care of their clients. From the moment you click on the ” interested” button, until you step off the boat, you are taken care of. The friendly team is there to help you with all your needs. They can help you plan your itinerary, your meals, your crew, and the trip of a lifetime. They know all the ins and outs of Biscayne Key, so trust the locals for a fantastic cruise.

Explore Islamorada by private yacht.

Have you always wanted to visit the stunning islands south of Miami? Islamorada is an incorporated village in Monroe County, Florida. It is located between Miami and Key West. The village spans 5 islands in the Florida Keys and boasts some historic and natural sites. The five islands are Tea Table Key, Lower Matecumbe Key, Upper Matecumbe Key, Windley Key, and Plantation Key. The best way to explore this area is to organize a Miami boat rental with crew.

Image Source:  Tea Table Key( www.sun-sentinel.com), Lower Matecumbe Key( www.flickr.com), Upper Matecumbe Key( www.fishingforhomes.com), Windley Key( www.usgs.gov), Plantation Key( www.yourfloridakeyshome.com)

What is Islamorada?

Isla Morada is an incorporated village spanning five islands in the Florida Keys. The name Islamorada came from early Spanish Explorers. The words mean ” Purple Island ” in Spanish. It is located around 1.5 hours’ drive south of Miami by road, and a slightly longer time by boat. The unique geography of the area makes it a favorite getaway from Miami.  Unfortunately, there is often traffic to reach the Florida Keys, so cruising by boat is a better option. On top of bustling tourism during the summer seasons. There is a permanent community living on the islands. In 2010, the census found roughly around 6,000 people residing in the area. There are several housing districts, schools, and communities on Islamorada. If you have seen the Netflix show Bloodline, then you may recognize the surroundings of this island chain. 






Image Source:  Islamorada’s palm-fringed( www.lonelyplanet.com)

What can you do in Islamorada?

This part of the Florida Keys is known for its coral reefs and azure waters. There are several tourism operators that run dive tours and adventure expeditions. In addition, there are beautiful beaches and a history of diving museums to visit. The tropical climate, water, warm water, and beautiful visibility makes this area a popular tourism destination. Since it is so close to Miami, it can be easily reached for a day trip. If you want to partake in any water-based activities, check with Instyle Yachts team who can help you organize your dream holiday.

How can you reach Islamorada?

Islamorada can be reached by car or boat. The best way to avoid traffic and dependence on others is to hire your own private yacht. Instyle Yachts offer a wide range of vessels that can bring you for a day getaway or extended holiday to Islamorada.  Check out the Neptunus 58′ yacht that is your very own floating mansion. With 3 spacious staterooms, ensuite bathrooms, and a large galley you can live in ultimate luxury. Enjoy the cruise to Islamorada and dive straight into the water from your motorized home. The yacht also has a fully equipped galley (kitchen). There are fridges, counters, and stove tops. Instyle Yachts can organize scrumptious lunches and dinner. These yachts can also cruise over the waves in relative comfort and provide a stable platform from what to adventure.

Why choose Instyle Yachts?

This Miami yacht charter company has first-class customer service, safety certifications, and unparalleled luxury. Let Instyle Yachts take care of you from the moment you pick up the phone to call our team until you step off the yacht.