This is the best way to celebrate Christmas in 2020

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate these holidays? Whether you wish to surprise your family with an opulent present or have a romantic Christmas Instyle Yachts is the ultimate boat rental in Miami. With a team that can find the perfect yacht for your festivities, look no further than Instyle Yachts for these holiday celebrations.











A family Christmas at Sea

Maybe you are looking for something a little different this year. Maybe you want to give your family a gift like never before? Why not bring your family Christmas with a little Miami opulence? Christmas in Florida is far away from snowy white tradition. So, take this opportunity to create a new tradition by pushing Florida sunshine into overdrive. Celebrate your holiday with drinks on the sea, views of the iconic Miami coastline, and your family right there. Whether it is for a couple of hours or couple of days, cruise away from everyday life onboard a luxury yacht.






Work events at Christmas on a yacht

What can be a better way to thank your hardworking employees and colleagues than throwing an unforgettable Christmas party? Why not charter the 58’ Neptunus that can provide ample seating and entertaining areas. This beautifully engineered yacht is first class in safety and comfort. It has several seating areas both inside and outside. A full gulley within allows the crew to store your drinks and food. While the 360 panoramic views inside the salon will provide spectacular views of the Miami coastline. All you need to do is contact Instyle Yachts and set your cruising itinerary.

Where can we go over Christmas?

Since most travel might not be opened up, make use of what the beautiful state of Florida has to offer. You can choose to cruise iconic Miami sights and beaches. Or you may choose to explore lighthouses along the coastline. Another alternative is to visit one of the many underwater coral reefs. Bring your mask, fins, and swimsuit for the perfect Miami, sunny Christmas.

Why choose Instyle Yachts?

You choose Instyle Yachts for the comfort, safety, and variety. The helpful Instyle Yachts team can help you pick an ideal yacht for you. Depending on how many people in your party and ideal itinerary they can help you find a yacht to suit. Instyle Yachts also carries all the necessary insurance, skilled crew, and regular maintenance checks on all their vessels. The process of booking your yacht is smoother than ever before. Whether you wish to book online, over email, or over the phone Instyle Yachts has an option for you. For this reason, you should choose Instyle Yachts for your yacht charters in Miami.

Try your luck with Pirate Treasures in South Florida

Have you always wanted to be a pirate? Explore the open seas, sip on rum, and have no laws and rule? While the current state of the world makes this a particularly fascinating option, it may still be out of our reach. What is completely possible is to hire a private bout tours in Miami. With the help of the crew and luxury yachts you can explore the Pirate Treasures in South Florida. So, what are you waiting for?

What are the pirate treasures in South Florida?

Partially due to the hundreds of Spanish Galleons that were wrecked along the coast of Florida, this state is known as the home of treasure. With every storm, Spanish Galleon wrecks release loads of gold and silver to appear on the beaches. There are several other spots where pirate treasure is rumoured to be buried. Maybe onboard your own yacht you want to try your luck.

Bocilla the Pirate

Legend says he buried a treasure on Bokeelia Key, north of Pine Island in Charlotte harbor.

Pinellas Point

In the 1930s several chests of Spanish gold and silver were dug up here. It is said that there may be more treasure.

The Ashley Gang

Were a famous outlaw group that ravaged in the early 1900s. Their base was near Canal Point on the southern tip of Lake Okeechobee. Rumors and stories say that $110,000 of gold coins may be buried in the area.

Big Island

Just a short distance off the western end of Tampa Bay may hold the secret of wooden barrels filled with gold and silver coins.

Treasure Island

As its name dictates, suggest that many pirates visited the island to hide their loot.

The Pirate Gasparilla

The biggest treasure is rumored to be buried on Gasparilla Island. $30 million somewhere beneath the ground near Charlotte Harbor, north of fort Myers.

What Yachts can take you to the pirate treasures?


There is a whole range of yachts available for you to charter at the Instyle YachtsMiami base. Depending on your party size and preferences, you can choose anything from a 22’ Sundancer to a 103’ Maiora. Each yacht is a collaboration of prime engineering and ergonomic beauty. They provide the class and opulence of a five-star hotel while at sea. Did you know that Instyle Yachts has stunning day cruisers for quick trips around the bay? They also have a variety of overnight luxury vessels that provide ample space for entertaining and privacy. Check out the Neptunus 58’ for the perfect blend of entertaining and comfort. A 360-degree panoramic view from the salon, ample seating, and spacious staterooms are just the beginning.

Why choose Instyle Yachts?

The team at Instyle Yachts are dedicated to giving you the trip of a lifetime. They are there every step of the way from the initial phone call to you boarding the vessel. Your safety, comfort, and joy are their goals. So why not let your pirate treasure hunting holiday go off without a hitch? Contact Instyle Yachts the premium yacht charter in Miami today for an instant quote!

Celebrate your 2020 Thanksgiving onboard a Luxury Yacht

Are you looking for a unique and fabulous way to spend thanksgiving? Be truly thankful for the opportunities and people in your life by employing the Miami yacht charters. Instyle Yacths will be able to bring you a luxurious and unforgettable thanksgiving onboard one of its fantastic yachts.

What do we have to be thankful for in 2020?

This may be a question on many people’s minds. The best way to remain positive and happy is to practice gratitude. This year has seen countless environmental tragedies, economic uncertainty, a global pandemic, finished off by a historical presidential race. At the end of the day, we must still be grateful for what we have. Take this Thanksgiving as an opportunity to say thanks for what still surrounds you. Whether it be your family, friends, job, or the azure water.







What if you want to forget 2020?

If you rather go the opposite route, and forget 2020 ever happened, getting out on a yacht is exactly the remedy for you. Imagine yourself cruising the pristine waters around Miami. Ignore the holiday, responsibilities, or worries at sea! After all these yachts are engineered for entertaining, relaxing, and ultimate safety. Kick back your stress and sunbathe at the front of the yacht. Or gather your friends for a first-class view of the coastline in the spacious seating. Choose several hours or several days for your luxurious adventure.

What yacht choices do you have?

Instyle Yachts fleets has a wide array of yachts perfectly designed to cater to your every need. Are you taking a trip with your immediate family? Or are you planning a work event? Or do you wish to bring your extended family onboard? Whatever the case, the helpful team at Instyle Yachts will be able to find the ideal yacht for you.


The fleet is filled with top of the range, superbly engineered floating masterpieces. Just look at the 58’ Neptunus. This luxury ocean traveler was designed for entertaining. It has a spacious salon with comfortable seating and an attached gully. In this sea fairing kitchen, you have access to stove tops, fridges, and freezers to store or prepare your food. The seating area provides 360-degree panoramic views of the outdoors and a pumping sound system. With the state-of-the-art technology on board, you can connect your own music to celebrate in style. There are also three spacious staterooms are available for overnight luxury.

How do you charter a yacht in Miami?

All you need to do is send the Instyle Yachts Team a message or give them a call here. From there, they will help you along your journey to pick the vessel and personalize your itinerary. Leave your worries behind with their competent and knowledgeable crew. Do you wish to explore Miami’s most famous sites? Or visit iconic lighthouses along the coast? Maybe you want to travel to Florida’s reefs. Whatever you imagine for your thanksgiving 2020, Instyle Yachts can create it for you.

The Best Way to Watch Meteor Showers

With everything that is occurring currently across the world, sometimes looking to the sky is the best option. Allow yourself to be transported to another world by watching the meteor showers this fall. For the ultimate experience, get yourself one of the chartered yachts in Miami. This way you will get a first-class seat to a spectacular shower.

What is a meteor shower?

A meteor shower is a celestial event when several meteors are observed to show up in the sky. These meteors are typically cosmic debris names meteoroids that enter the Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds. Since they travel parallel to the atmosphere every year, they are easy to predict and therefore view. As they contact the atmosphere some parts of them light up with resistance giving humans a natural light show.

When is the next meteor shower?

The Orionids

The Orionids are active from October 2nd until November 7th. They are a medium strength shower that may reach high strength activity. Typically, Orionids produce 10-20 shower members. In 2006 to 2009, these numbers exceeded to a magnificent 50-75 shower members per hour. They originate from the 1P/Halley.

The Southern and Northern Taurids

These two long lasting meteor showers are active for around 2 months each. They rarely peak to show more than 5 shower members per hour. They are therefore not as popular to witness. The fireball activity lasts from September until December, with peaks in early November. The Northern Taurids peak will be on November 11-12th at night.

The Leonids

The Leonids have had some truly spectacular years. They produce outbursts of meteor activity best seen when the parent object, comet 55P/Temel Tuttle, is near perihelion. The perihelion is the closest approach to the sun. The debris we see falling into our atmosphere is debris from previous fly bys. The next dense clouds of debris are not predicted to fall until 2099. However, the Leonids still produce a fantastic shower show to watch in the sky.

Why to rent a yacht charter?








The truth is, that no view from the ground will be as perfect as from the sea. You can rent out the yacht for a few hours or several days. Then you may sail away from the light pollution from Miami to experience the showers in isolation. The beauty of the meteor showers will be amplified by the luxury of your private yacht charter. So, what are you waiting for? Give the friendly team at Instyle Yachts a call to choose the perfect yacht and itinerary for your trip.

Yacht Charter vs Sailboat Charter

If you have always wanted to cruise along the coast of Miami, then you may have come across the option of renting private yacht charter in Miami. Sailboat charters are another popular option. In this post, you will learn some of the similarities and differences between these two vessel types. That way, you will be able to choose the option best suited for your needs.

What is a yacht?

A yacht is a craft designed for pleasure and sport. It originally comes from the Dutch word jaght that translates to ‘hunter’. It is made for a light sailing vessel used in history to chase pirates and fly in the navy. In 1660, the English King Charles the Second was carried by a ‘jacht’ from the Netherlands back home. From then, the word came to mean a vessel where important people were carried.

What defines a yacht?

There are two types of yachts, sailing yachts or motor-powered yachts. In terms of size, a yacht can be anything from 30 feet to hundreds of feet long. Nowadays, yachts are associated with luxury and cruising picturesque destinations in style. New developments in materials science and computer modelling have made yachts the cruising kings of the sea. Yachts are built for fun, they can be any size, and at Instyle Yachts are powered by motor.


What can you expect from a yacht charter?

With Instyle yachts, you can charter a private yacht from an hour to a couple of days to enjoy a luxurious getaway. The friendly team can help you choose your ideal vessel and personalize your itinerary. You can choose to motor around Miami, see the coastline, or head to Florida’s reef. Why not check out the 58’ Neptunus?

What is a sailboat?

Unlike motor yachts, sailboat charters offer wind powered vessels to travel to various coastal and island destinations. They are perfect for a vacation activity or the perfect business event. When chartering a sailboat, you have access to the most unrivalled luxury experience. When the wind is strong enough, the sailboat can move quickly. Otherwise, the sails can be raised for a casual sail.

What can you expect from a sailboat charter?

Sailboat charters can be offered with a skipper or bareboat. The ultimate renewable resource is used to travel across the bay, water, or Florida’s reefs. They are also fantastic for team building activities, personal satisfaction, and excitement.

What charter is best for you?

If you are looking for a vessel that can get you to your destination the fastest, then a motor yacht is best for you. If you rather travel through the seas powered by wind, then a sailboat is ideal for you. Either way, a charter vessel is the perfect little floating world of its own. Book your own yacht right here at Instyle Yachts and begin your journey today. Start your own adventure with yacht charters and boat rentals in Miami.

Illegal Yacht Charters in Miami

Who would not want to spend their days cruising on the azure water of Florida’s coast? You can rent a yacht and choose your ideal itinerary. This way you are not tied down by organized tours or other people’s schedules. Due to these benefits and the absolute luxury of Florida’s yacht charters they have become a popular attraction in Miami. Unfortunately, with the rise of popularity, illegal charter boat companies have begun to appear. In this post, you will learn all about how to spot illegal private yacht charter in Miami and how to avoid them.

What makes a yacht charter company legal?

Charter yacht regulations may be both random and strict, but they are created to ensure the safety of crew and customers. Choosing a licensed and official yacht charter company is key to enjoying your holiday. Here are just a few Miami boating laws that apply to renting a yacht in Florida.






1. Number of passengers

The US Coast Guard regulations require that all charter yachts in the United States are limited to 13 passengers plus crew. Depending on the size of the yacht, this number may be smaller.

2. Licensed Captain and Crew

Not only is having a licensed captain and crew on board intrinsic to your safety. But it is a regulated and may result in up to $40,000 in fines for yacht owners and operators.










3. On board restrictions

Licensed captain and crew have gone through extensive training to ensure yours and their safety. Even when cruising in the harbor within sight of the shore, it is vital to respect and adhere to their instructions. Through their training, they will create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone on board.

4. Safety Measures

A legal charter yacht also follows all the safety protocols required at sea. This includes the correct number of life jackets, life rafts, yacht floor plans, and specific safety information. The crew will conduct safety briefings at the beginning of your trip. There they will explain all the safety measures of your vessel. In addition, they will provide specific information to your cruising itinerary. The crew also regularly run through drills on non-charter days. There, they practise evacuations and participate in first aid courses.

life jackets

What are the dangers of using illegal yacht charters?

Illegal organisations are not guaranteed to follow the requirements listed above. Valid certifications of inspection, an accredited mariner, alcohol licencing, and other documentations are expensive. For this reason, companies or individuals that skimp on these may be able to offer cheaper prices. Unfortunately, these low prices come at the cost of the law and safety.

How can you avoid illegal yacht charters?

The best way to avoid illegal operations, is to get informed about legal ones. Keep an eye out for the rules and regulations outlined above! Companies that operate legally will happily discuss their qualifications and certifications. Check their websites and ask for their credentials! Or you may also check with the coast guard.

Another good way to check whether the yacht charter is legitimate, is to remember where they schedule to pick you up. If they request to pick up passengers at odd locations, then this could be a red flag!

Ways to recognize illegal yacht charter companies

If you have seen any red flags, then say something. You can report the vessel or company to the coast guard. The coast guard are trained to know how to spot illegal charters and will be able to put your mind at ease.

In the short term, illegal yacht charters may appear cheaper, however you are putting your finances and safety at risk.

Why choose Instyle Yachts?

For this reason, it is in your best interests to choose a registered and safe company such as Instyle yachts. For your yacht charters and boat rental needs in Miami, Instyle Yachts can cater to you. With a wide array of yachts in their fleet, they can find the perfect match for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact their friendly crew now and book a yacht of your dreams. While feeling safe, that you have made the right choice.

Have a Haunted Halloween onboard a Private Yacht

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Now the atmosphere is that bit spookier. It is October the time for Halloween, possibly the Nation’s favourite holidays. It makes sense to look for the ultimate Halloween experience this October 31st. Look no further but a private charter yacht in Miami. Celebrate the spookiest of days onboard a luxurious yacht with your closest friends.

Halloween hauntings in Florida

While Florida is the sunshine state it is also synonymous with bizarre headlines and outlandish stories. During October, thoughts turn to the scary and haunted. Florida is the home to famous ghosts and plenty freaky. If you are a fan haunted tourism, then you will not be disappointed in Florida. Visit the Haunted Plaza Resort and Spa on Daytona Beach or the Casa Monica a Resort and Spa in St. Augustine.

Even Palm Beach has a Poltergeist in what previously was a Gucci shop. Further out in Key West a haunted doll sits in Fort East Martello. Its face changes and is a source of eerie energy.

The St. Augustine’s lighthouse itself is a popular seaside destination for many tourists. It is also haunted by the sound of giggling girls running up and down its 219 steps.

Many of these destinations are seaside and can be reached by a charter yacht. If you are interested to fill your Halloween weekend with haunted spots, the InStyle Yacht crew can create the ideal itinerary.

Haunted Halloween onboard

If you are not a fan of visiting famously spooky sites, then why not choose a private and classy Halloween celebration. With the large selection of yachts in the InStyle Fleet you can find one perfectly suited for your needs. Whether you wish to have a small quaint getaway or host a larger group of friends.

Why not check out the marvellous Neptunus 58’? This majestic ship glides seamlessly across the azure water. It has been designed for entertaining with ample indoor and outdoor seating space on its multiple decks. There are lounging areas at the front of the yacht, and comfortable seating at the back. The indoor gallery provides a panoramic view of the surroundings. With a state-of-the-art sound system, you can choose your Halloween soundtrack. If you wish to extend your getaway, the yacht also has comfortable sleeping arrangements. There are three generous staterooms with bathrooms to provide a home at sea. 

Why InStyle Yachts?

Elevate your event with a private yacht charter in Miami from InStyle Yachts. World class luxury vessels and first-rate customer service is what you can expect. Unparalleled knowledge and premium yachts make them the ultimate choice. Let them help you choose your vessel and personalise your trip. Make this year’s Halloween unforgettable with classy cocktails and finger bite sandwiches in opulent luxury. So, what are you waiting for? Book now.

The most luxurious way to get a jet ski rental

Are you an adventure seeker? Someone looking for a thrill? Or someone wanting to get their Adrenalin pumping? Because if you are, InStyle Yachts has the perfect deal for you. The iconic Neptunus 58’ is not only a luxury yacht charter in Miami, but it can come with a jet ski rental Miami. Simply call up the InStyle Yachts team to personalize your itinerary and book a jet ski rental with your private yacht. This way, you and your passengers can experience Miami with all the thrills and prestige.

Why get a jet ski rental?

Jet skis are small, nimble, and they can go quick. With a bit of training, you can take these powerful water motorbikes out for a ride on the azure water. Whether you wish to go solo or ride double, the bumpy ride is exhilarating. Carve figure eights leaving behind a wake and sprout of water. Fulfil your Adrenalin boost while others stay relaxing on board the yacht. You will also be safe with your life jacket and the safety ring attached to your wrist! If you are looking for some advice or training, the friendly InStyle Yachts crew can certainly organize something for you.







Do you need a jet ski license?

All vessels with motors including personal watercrafts operating in Florida must be registered and titled. The rental jet skis are all up to date with their registration, so you do not have to worry. If they have more then ten horse power, then drivers must have a boating education ID and a photo ID when operating the vessel.


Why the Neptunus 58’?

This beautifully built luxury yacht has everything a floating mansion would. It has three generous state rooms, private en-suite rooms, ample space, and ergonomic design. The interior is designed with opulence and comfort in mind. Featuring cozy seating and large panoramic windows. In addition, there are fridges, gas burners, and a state-of-the-art sound system. You may wish to sit in the spacious interior or catch some sun on the back deck. If you prefer to sunbathe, there is also abundant space at the front of the yacht to lay down. With all its space and amenities, this yacht can fit a relatively large group comfortably for several days. You can opt to hire a Personalized chef, spend time making cocktails, or jump on board the jet ski.

Where can you go with your yacht?

The beauty of a private yacht charter from Miami is the flexibility offered. Choose to cruise through Biscayne Bay, visit the Flagler Monument, or head out to Florida reef. If you are a fan of sightseeing or simply relaxing, InStyle Yachts can help you achieve just that. So, click here to get in touch and do not hesitate to pick up the phone. The friendly team are eager to help you book the yacht and holiday of your dreams. 

So Why Instyle Yachts?

For first class experience, knowledge, and care, trust the Instyle Yachts team to provide you with what you need.

Choose the ultimate way to visit the Florida Reef

There is nothing quite like diving into pristine waters with a mask to glimpse the magical world beneath the waves. The best way to do this, is by chartering your own private yacht. Have you always wanted to see the Florida Coral Reef? First step you need to take is to choose a vessel. There are sizes suited for anyone from a couple or work team party. The next step is to adjust your itinerary. For this, get on the phone with the friendly and helpful Instyle team. Step three is jump onboard your luxury yacht and cruise into the blue!

What can you do on Florida’s reef?

Since you have your own private charter yacht, there is a myriad of activities you can participate in. Chose to bask in the sun, enjoy the views from the panoramic windows, or have a drink on the deck. Cruising around the reef is a luxurious way to experience the azure water. The warm weather and warm water are the perfect combination for a relaxing cruise.

Snorkeling on the Florida Coral Reef

You can also bring or rent snorkeling equipment to jump in the water. With your snorkel kit, you will be able to glimpse the beautiful underwater world. Florida reef has abundant marine life and beautiful coral. Some areas have truly exquisite soft, hard, and fan corals. Amongst these colorful structures you can spot plenty of fish, turtles and crustaceans. Make sure to bring your camera to snap pictures of the pretty reef. 

Jet Ski from the Neptunus

Another more adventurous activity is getting yourself a jet ski rental. InStyle yachts can help you organize a jet ski rental from the Neptunus to whizz across the clear water. Jet skis can get that Adrenalin pumping for thrill seekers.


What yacht is best suited for you?

The InStyle yacht fleet is filled with high end, engineering masterpieces of leisure craft. The Neptunus 58’ is a prime example of the spacious and versatile vessels. This elegantly designed yacht was made for entertaining. It has three generous state rooms, en-suite toilets, and plenty of privacy. On the top deck, there are comfortable seating options and panoramic style windows. Therefore, you can benefit from the stunning views whether you are inside or outside.

Why get a yacht charter from Miami?

Chartering your own yacht from Miami gives you the ultimate flexibility on your itinerary. You will be able to personalize your trip to meet your specific needs. Give the InStyle crew a call to organize your vision into a reality. As a yacht charter in Miami, Instyle provides first class service before, during, and after your charter. Send them an email or call the team directly. They will be able to help you choose your yacht, craft an itinerary, and add any additives such as a personalized chef.

Here is how to achieve an unforgettable Fall Equinox

Fall is approaching fast, and with-it colder weather and shorter days. This year’s Fall Equinox falls on the 22nd of September. The day is considered the first day of the fall season and happens when the sun passes the equator moving from the northern to the Southern Hemisphere. The day and night have approximated the same length and it is our chance to say goodbye to summer. For this reason, why not take this as an opportunity to celebrate and get out onto the water. Get yourself a luxury yacht rental in Miami to say goodbye to the summer season with style!

What is the weather like on September?

Since Florida is a southern state, September weather can still be warm and inviting. The lows drop down to a comfortable 77 degrees Fahrenheit while the highs can still be at a toasty 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the heat of summer the water still has not cooled down below 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike many other states in the country, September is still the perfect month to jump into the water and get a tan. Winds tend to be low, water is clear, so yachting is a favorite pastime.

What yacht should you choose?

Depending on whom you wish to bring on board, the InStyle team can find the right fit for you. Within their fleet there are yachts as small as 22’ feet Sundancer ranging all the way to 103 Maiora feet. The smaller vessels are ideal for couples as they have room to lounge and cozy seating. On the other hand, the iconic Neptunus 58’ can host a whole family or friend group. There are three generous state rooms, en-suite toilets, and ample seating space. The Neptunus was designed by a Canadian company to entertain. Therefore, it has large seating areas inside with panoramic windows offering 360-degree views outside. There is also comfortable seating on the back deck and lounging space on the front deck.

Where should you go with a charter yacht?

The beauty of chartering your own private yacht is that you have full control over the itinerary. With the InStyle team, you can work out exactly what you wish your Fall Equinox experience to be. Some people opt to stay near the city of Miami. That way they can visit the iconic sites such as Biscayne Bay, Flagler Monument, or Star island. Others prefer to book multi day trips and stay on the vessel overnight. This allows them to visit iconic coastal landmarks and view stunning beaches. If you prefer exploring the underwater, then you may wish to cruise to the Florida Reef. There you can use your snorkel equipment to swim around the pristine coral reefs and take photos of the colorful fish,


So how are you going to spend your fall equinox?

During this crazy year, make every celebration count. So, use this first day of fall as a reminder of the summer. Book your yacht charter in Miami for the ultimate, personalized, trip out onto the blue water! Do not hesitate and give the friendly team a call today to see your options.