How to have fun onboard a yacht for all ages

Want the ultimate fun day for the family? Because with Instyle Yachts we can organize the best day out on the water with fun for the whole family. Book a yacht in Miami to explore the Florida Coastline or the coral reefs. The friendly team at InstyleYachts will help create a personalized itinerary with activities and fun for every age.

What can you do with children on a yacht?







Children and yachts are a fantastic combination. While you need to be a bit more careful with supervision, flotation devices, and sun safety, bringing your family onboard is a rewarding experience. Along with cruising the azure water and bird spotting, your kids can have an adventure of a lifestyle. Here are a couple of the most child friendly activities on board a private vessel.

– Bird spotting

– Marine Mammal identification

– Snorkeling with flotation devices

– Water tubing or jet skiing

– Exploring coast lines

– Sight-seeing the famous Miami sites

– Art or photography of the surrounding environments

– Learning about the yacht and engineering

What are some ways you can get your children involved on a yacht?







The best way to turn your yacht adventure into a family experience, is to have your children join in the planning process. While you will have your final say, here are our top tips for entertaining your children on board one of our yachts.

– Let them be part of the planning process. Show them marine maps and coastal areas so they can partake in choosing the itinerary. See what destinations they want to stop at and what they would like to see. With a physical or digital map, they can also plot their desired route and see if they can follow it in real time.

– Get the children involved in the sailing process. Have them learn about the importance of wind, waves, currents, and other weather conditions. This way they can not only learn about the world around them, but also be a helpful addition in assessing the anchorage and driving conditions.

– Buy a wildlife spotting book. This way they will stay occupied on board by trying to see and identify the various marine animals you come across. Whether it is spotting sea birds that are flying overhead or identifying the species of dolphin or turtle poking their head out of the blue water.

– Plan plenty of water-based activities including swimming, snorkeling, or if they are over the age of 12, scuba diving. Water based activities will tire them out, provide them with a healthy outpour of energy, and tire them out.

– Invest in a waterproof camera. Currently, sport action cameras and other digital cameras that can go underwater are relatively reasonably priced. Investing in one of those will give your children hours of entertainment when they jump into the water. See them zoom around the coral reef and try to snap pictures of the fish.

– Bring board games and books just in case. If the weather turns a little cloudy or they get a little sun kissed, some quiet shady games are a great option. Board games, card games, and books are a fantastic way to spend the time while relaxing on board a boat.

Why choose a private yacht for a family trip?


A private yacht is the ultimate family holiday trip as it gives you the perfect flexibility and privacy. Do not worry about the constraints of official tour groups and existing itineraries. Plan a yacht rental in Miami with Instyle Yachts for your next holiday!

Experience the best of Miami Nightlife on a Yacht

What is better than Miami Nightlife? Well, we have the answer for you. That is Miami Nightlife in the comfort and privacy of your own yacht. Cruise Miami in Style with your own private luxury yacht. Whether you wish to start the evening with a sunset on a yacht or turn it into a whole celebration. Book a yacht in Miami for the ultimate way to enjoy Miami nightlife.


Why a yacht for Miami nightlife?







After the craziness of this past year, we may have all learned to spend a bit more time alone or distanced. If you are someone who would rather keep it that way, then enjoying the Miami nightlife by yacht is the answer for you. However, if you still wish to get into the booked-out clubs and fancy restaurants, you can simply begin your night onboard a yacht. Start your evening glamorously by cruising downtown Miami. Your captain will bring you to the most scenic and sought out destinations. Pick your itinerary, your favorite views, and what yacht you wish to travel on. Enjoy the sunset views from the sea and transformation of the Miami skyline. Whatever you imagine your night to be, let Instyle Yachts organize your dreams into a reality.

What yacht is the best for Miami Nightlife?

Depending on how many people you wish to bring or the length of your cruise, you may want to opt for another yacht option. The Instyle Yachts fleet contains an impressive array of first-class vessels. Every vessel has the highest safety rating possible, and every detail is taken care of. The yachts are a combination of precise engineering and luxurious elegance. If you are looking for a smaller, more maneuverable yacht to start your evening on, then you may choose the 36′ Sundancer. However, if you wish to bring Miami nightlife style onto the sea, then a yacht such as the Neptunus 58′ is the one for you. This top of the class vessel is any sea goer’s dream. With surround sound entertainment, full size galley, and three spacious staterooms its everything you need. Turn Miami nightlife into your ideal environment surrounded by your friends a luxurious backdrop. There is no better way to be in style, than on an Instyle Yachts. If you have specific questions about any yachts you see on our website, please do not hesitate to call the team. They will be able to answer all your questions about size, availability, specifications, and cost.

The Best Miami nightlife







The best Miami nightlife is in the South Beach scene. The South Beach area is a barrier island that borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is lined with mega clubs that create a party atmosphere seven nights a week. With your own yacht you can cruise to this area in style and join in on the celebrations. There are even a couple of places you can dock and jump straight into the nightlife on shore. So check out the yacht rental in Miami!

Personalize your Coral Reef Cruise to Florida’s Reefs

Have you always wanted to see the beauty of coral reefs in first person? You must have seen the many fascinating documentaries that feature the rainforests of the sea. However, did you ever stop to think that you can explore the underwater beauty for yourself? Book a yacht in Miami to head to Florida’s coral reefs. This personalized coral reef cruise will bring you the secrets of the underwater world in ultimate luxury.

What Coral Reefs can you visit from Miami?







Miami and the south of Florida is renowned for its diverse and beautiful coral reef. The Florida Keys are particularly well known for the longest fringing reefs in the northern hemisphere and incredible marine biodiversity. There are several marine parks in the area that protect these vital ecosystems and habitats. This has made Miami one of the top destinations for avid snorkelers or scuba divers. However, unlike with an organized trip, a private yacht charter provides you with complete control of the itinerary. You will be able to plan a day, or overnight trip from Miami to your favorite reefs. If you are uncertain about what reef you would like to visit, check with the Instyle Yachts team for the current best recommendations.

What do you need for a coral reef cruise?







If you are planning to head out onto the sea for a coral reef cruise there are several things you need to pack. To ensure your and the environments safety, here are our recommendations.


– Reef Safe Sunscreen

– Long sleeve shirts and hats

– Sunglasses

– Towels and swimming essentials

– Mask, Snorkel, and Fins

– A rash guard or wetsuit (depending on the time of year)

– Underwater camera


While the air and water temperature are pleasant all year round. During the cooler months, thermal protection is advisable for scuba diving or snorkeling. Water conducts heat away from your body at a rate 40 times faster than air. Therefore, having a wetsuit will keep you comfortable in the water. Even in the summer, it is a good idea to keep your skin covered to minimize the amount of chemicals entering the water from sunscreen. In addition, keeping your skin covered will better protect it from harmful UV rays. For more specifics, please check with the Instyle Yachts crew and your personal itinerary.

What can you do on a coral reef cruise?







The primary purpose of a coral reef cruise is to explore this stunning underwater ecosystem. While the rainforests have gained the name of “lungs of the earth”, the coral reefs are the true champions of biodiversity and ecological value. Taking a moment to jump beneath the waves will show you this incredible ecosystem. With some fish identification slates you will be able to spot various fish species and other marine animals. Dolphins, turtles, and seabirds are all frequent stars on coral reef cruises. If you want to learn more about the underwater world, you can also consider organizing a scuba diving course or discover scuba dive. So, get your yacht rental in Miami for a personalized coral reef cruise.

Visit the World’s Sport Fishing Capital onboard a Private Yacht

If you have been looking for a unique and comfortable way to visit Islamorada, we have the answer for you. Skip the traffic and crowds onboard your very own personal private yacht charter. Book a yacht in Miami for a day or overnight trip to visit the historic Islamorada. This village that stretches across 6 islands has a thriving atmosphere and abundant activities for you to try. With a private yacht charter, you can turn the whole trip into an adventure on the south Florida Sea.

Where is Islamorada?







Islamorada is a village that spans 5 islands between Miami and the Key West. The five islands are Tea Table KeyLower Matecumbe KeyUpper Matecumbe KeyWindley Key and Plantation Key. Each island is a unique and fringing shape. The island group is located around a 1.5-hour drive south of Miami. If you wish to visit it by yacht, the travel time will depend on the sea conditions and yacht size. You can plan for anywhere between 1.5 and 3 hours.

Why should you visit Islamorada?







Islamorada, also sometimes known as Islas Morada, was named by early Spanish explorers. The name translates to the Purple Islands. Since then, a population has grown to include a diverse cultural and traditional history. Unfortunately, the village was hit by the Labor Day hurricane in 1935 that caused 435 deaths. There is now a historic memorial dedicated to the people who lost their lives. There are around 6,000 people who live in this tropical paradise today. Now, it is primarily known as the sports fishing capital of the world. Due to its isolation and small population, the ocean biodiversity has long since thrived. Even if you are not a keen fisherman, there are still plenty of sea related activities that you will enjoy.

What can you do on Islamorada?







Islamorada is the sport fishing capital of the world. That means if you are an avid fisherman this is your heaven. You can plan your trip to target some of the world’s most famous sports fish and get into the spirit in these famous fishing spots. In addition, there are plenty of reefs where you can snorkel and visit the wildlife. The whole environment surrounding the island is also pristine and calming. Therefore sunbathing, relaxing, drinking cocktails, and absorbing the sunshine is all part of the trip. The islands also have several attractions including the Theatre of the Sea, Florida Keys History and Discovery Center, and History of Diving Museum.

Why travel to Islamorada by yacht?







If you choose to take the road to Islamorada, you may be met by traffic and congestion. While the drive is still scenic, approaching the island by yacht is another experience altogether. You will have a chance to put yourself in the shoes of early Spanish explorers as you see the silhouette of the islands appearing over the horizon. The journey itself will be part of the adventure and you will be surrounded by pristine azure water the whole time. Yacht rental in Miami provides you with a unique opportunity to explore the area with a personalized itinerary and yacht especially suited to your needs. So do not waste a moment and give Instyle Yachts a call. They will help you plan, organize, and prepare for your unforgettable trip to Islamorada.

Plan your Holiday Yacht Charter in Miami Now

Are you looking for a new and exciting option for your next holiday? Because we have the answer for you. Book a yacht in Miami for the most personalized, luxurious, and relaxing holiday. Whether you wish to go away for a weekend or a week, Instyle Yachts can organize your itinerary. Sit back and let the friendly team walk you through the whole process. Forget relying on others for your holiday. Organize your itinerary exactly how you want it for an unforgettable trip on the sea.

Why book a private charter yacht?







Unlike pre booked tourist cruises, a private charter yacht allows you ultimate flexibility. Whether you wish to choose your departure time, location, destination or more. With the knowledgeable and helpful team at Instyle Yachts, they can guide you through the whole process. Let them suggest options of where to go, but at the end of the day, you are the captain. Make the choice of where your cruise will take you. Choose what foods and drinks you want onboard. As well as take full control of the state-of-the-art sound system. With you in charge, your holiday is perfectly suited for your needs. The private yachts are luxurious and have ample space for entertaining and relaxing.

They are also rated first class in their engineering and safety features. 

What can you do on a private charter yacht?







The best part of a private yacht charter is choosing your activities to suit your friends or family’s needs. Whether you wish to spend the whole-time cruising near the center of downtown Miami. Or you want to go snorkeling on Florida’s Coral Reefs. The options are endless. Check out some of our other posts about more in-depth options of where to go. Here are just a couple of the most popular options.

  •  Visiting lighthouses along Florida’s Coast
  •  Snorkeling one of the many coral reefs
  •  Sightseeing the magnificent islands in Miami
  •  Star spotting the houses of the rich and famous
  •  Traveling down to Islamorada by yacht
  •  Watching the sunsets and Miami skyline
  •  Romantic cruises in the harbor and surrounds
  •  Exploring the rugged and stunning coast of south Florida

What yacht should you choose?


Depending on how many people you wish to bring on your holiday, the team at Instyle Yachts may be able to point you in the right direction. The Instyle Yachts fleet contains yachts ranging from 26′ to an impressive 80′. If you are looking for a shorter day trip for your holiday, you may want to consider one of the smaller cruisers. These speed boats are built with elegance and adrenaline in mind. For a longer holiday, some of the fleets are equipped with staterooms and ensuites. Have a look at the magnificent Neptunus 58′. This star of the Instyle Yachts Fleet has 3 full size staterooms, galley, seating area, and multiple bathrooms and showers. On a longer trip this yacht can double as a five-star hotel. If you feel overwhelmed by choice, fear not. Give Instyle Yachts a call now to start planning your holiday today at the best yacht rental in Miami.