Famous Homes and sites to see on Millionaires Row

It is one thing to do a star tour on a bus or official tour. It is a completely other thing to explore the lifestyles of the rich and famous onboard your private luxury yacht. Daydream about becoming a millionaire while sightseeing the dozens of millionaire’s mansions in Miami. With most of these properties being waterfront, see what star’s homes you can spot from your vessel. Book a rental yacht in Miami for first class sightseeing.

Where are the millionaire homes?







The sightseeing cruises take you around the many islands in Biscayne bay. This area is considered Miami Millionaires Row. Biscayne bay is the body of water that separates the mainland from the island of Miami beach. The area is very exclusive as the islands are private. Many of which are only accessible by boat, or yacht. This is precisely where Miami’s rich and famous live and go for their getaways. Most of the famous homes are located on Star, Palm, or Hibiscus Island. In addition, the Venetian Islands also boast some stunning homes. The most exclusive island, that is only accessible by boat, is Fisher Island. This Island is fully independent with schools, groceries, and other necessities located right there.

Who lives on Millionaires Row?

Most of the houses on Millionaires Row are temporary holiday homes to the stars. There are very few permanent residents. This means that unfortunately, there is only a small chance of seeing a big Hollywood star when cruising by the homes. However, the houses and the super mega yachts out the front of the houses are worth seeing. Below, are listed some of the celebrities that have their homes on these islands and that you can have a peek at from the water.

Will Smith
Ricky Martin
Julio Iglesias
Alicia Keys
Carmen Electra
Matt Damon
Jackie Chan
Gloria Estefan
Emilio Esteves
Al Capone
Antonio Banderas
Frank Sinatra
Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez
Shaquille O’Neale

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In addition, there are star condos where stars like Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise are neighbors.

What yacht should you take to explore Millionaires Row?

The benefit of exploring Millionaire Row with your own yacht is that the water is always calm and beautiful. This means that you only need a small yacht to maneuver in this area. Check out the fleet of yachts available at Instyle Yachts, to see what your favorite option would be. The helpful team at Instyle Yachts can help you pick the best suited yacht for your needs. Why not try the incredible Neptunus 58′ that will make you feel right at home on Millionaires Row. Or the speedy 36′ Sundancer that will dance through the waves and give you ultimate maneuverability. So, organize your yacht rental in Miami today with Instyle Yachts.


Experience the Best of Miami Snorkeling on Private Yacht

Have you always wanted to dive beneath the waves like Ariel? Or explore Florida’s many reefs and it is thriving inhabitants? The best way to get out to the reef and snorkel, is to book a yacht in Miami. Unlike tourism tours that dictate your itinerary for the day, a private yacht lets you travel at your own ease. Florida has some of the world’s most famous reefs. So, what are you waiting for? Book your yacht and dive into the water soon!







Where can you snorkel in Miami?

While snorkeling right in Miami will not provide you with the most biodiverse view. There are several reefs close to Miami. Miami itself is famous for miles of pristine and sandy beaches. Just offshore, the clear Atlantic Ocean has the third largest barrier reef in the world. This reef is the only one in North America and spans 220 miles from Miami to the Dry Tortugas past Key west. The Florida Straits is a unique ecosystem that is protected by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s National Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary Program. Therefore, snorkeling is one of the top tourist activities in Miami. It is easy and an incredible way to discover the coral reef, mangrove islands, and thriving marine life. You can expect to see colorful coral reefs, reef fish, dolphins, and a variety of other sea creatures.







Best Places to Snorkel in Miami?

If you have decided to go snorkeling, check out some of these most popular and beautiful areas.

What do you need to snorkel?

Snorkeling requires no official certification. However, it is advisable that you are a confident swimmer. Then all you need is mask, snorkel and fins and a way to get to the pristine reefs. Once at the reef, you can hop in and take in the world around. To help protect the reef for future generations please consider your impact on the coral. For this reason, use reef friendly sunscreen, refrain from touching any coral, and do not collect any pieces to take home with you. As they say, leave only bubbles.







Why take a private yacht to snorkel?

The thing about snorkeling is that everyone wants to snorkel in a different area and for a different duration of time. This means, with the flexibility of your own private yacht, you can dictate your day. You are not dependent on the tour operator and can visit pristine reefs. Unlike tourism crews that frequent the same spots, you can venture out and explore the coral reefs. Depending on your yacht size that you choose from the Instyle Yachts fleet, you can travel all the way down the Florida Keys. Let the helpful Instyle Yachts team aid you in picking your vessel and your itinerary. So, click here to begin organizing your yacht rental in Miami.







Star gazing from a Yacht

The best part of living in Miami is the nightlife, culture, weather, and population. The worst is probably the light pollution. However, luckily for you, all you need to do is book a yacht in Miami to see the unpolluted sky. Get a luxury private yacht for the most luxurious and exclusive star gazing from a yacht.







What stars can you see in Florida?

The Florida night sky can boast some of the most incredible views in the world. In addition to frequent meteor showers, the milky way galaxy stands vibrant against the black sky. Once away from the metropolis, the glittering dots cover the black velvet background. Download a stargazing app to see the movement of the plants and some of the most famous stars. See if you can spot Orion’s belt, the Red Giant Betelgeuse, or the shining Venus. 





Image Source: withlovefromlou.co.uk

The most romantic yacht trip

There is nothing as romantic as a star gazing trip. Picture you and your loved one splayed out on the comfortable deck of a private yacht with the view of a million stars above. Whether you want to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or similar, you cannot go wrong with this romantic gesture. Let the Instyle Yachts crew organize refreshments paired for the moment. Combine stargazing with sparkling, chocolate dipped strawberries, and some soothing music to set the mood. 

Enjoy the Florida Meteor Showers

As mentioned previously, meteor showers, or shooting stars, are frequent in Florida. Here are some of the upcoming meteor showers in Florida.

Eta Aquariids
May 5, 2021
Delta Aquariids
Late July, 2021
August 12, 2021
October 8, 2021
October 21, 2021
South Taurids
November 4-5, 2021

These are just some of the upcoming meteor showers. Meteor showers are celestial events where several meteors are observed to radiate from one point in the sky. The cause of these meteors are streams of cosmic debris named meteoroids entering the earth’s atmosphere. When they enter the atmosphere at high speeds, they burn up causing the streams of light behind them.

What yacht to choose?

Depending on the group size you want to bring onboard, you may be partial to a smaller or larger yacht. All the yachts in the Instyle Yachts fleet are engineered to meet the highest safety standards. They also have elegant finishes and spacious seating areas. If you are looking for an overnight trip, consider booking the Neptunus 58’. This top of the class yacht has three generous staterooms, a full-size galley, and spaces to lay and stargaze.

Why choose instyle Yachts?

Instyle Yachts understand the need for the personalized and luxurious feel. Instyle Yachts can make the whole process smooth sailing from inquiry to booking. Let them take care of everything from the moment you send us an email until you are stepping off the boat. This yacht rental in Miami is dedicated to customer service and making sure you have an incredible trip.

Gender Reveal Party Offshore

Do you want a memorable way to celebrate your baby’s gender reveal? Because we have the perfect solution for you. All you need to do is book a yacht in Miami for the ultimate gender reveal party offshore. It is unforgettable, photogenic, and the chance to invite your favorite people to celebrate with you. Unlike some other gender reveal options, it will also be iconic without any unnecessary property damage or extraneous costs.







How does having a party on a yacht work?

To have a party on a boat, you will need several things. Your chosen day, the duration of your party, and ideal cruising route. If you are unsure about any of these aspects, the friendly team at Instyle Yachts will happily help you. Once all that is sorted, you can create your party invitations. The largest rental boat in Florida can take 12 passengers so you can bring your closest and dearest friends for this celebration. With the help of the Instyle Yachts team you can then collaborate to decide on drinks, nibbles, and potentially even a theme on board.







How to reveal your gender onboard a yacht?

Just like on land, you can choose to go the route of a gender reveal cake, scratch to reveal, present opening, or ribbon release! While confetti, balloons, and paint may all be fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender, they may be too messy for the boat. Confetti and balloons could end up in the ocean and cause unwanted trash and pollution in the sea. So, if you are on a boat consider the marine wildlife and ecosystems around you. Whatever other route you chose to go on, will still provide beautiful photos with the Miami skyline as a backdrop.

What yacht to choose?

Now that you know your gender reveal and the other details, you may be wondering about what yacht to choose. Depending on the size of your party and budget there may be a perfect yacht for you. Check out the large fleet available for you to cruise and celebrate your baby on. There are some yachts that are well suited for a quick cruise, while others can host up to 10 people comfortably overnight. Check out the Neptunus 58′ for the ultimate luxury and convenience. There is a galley for food, 3 large staterooms to sleep, and ample entertainment space on the outdoor deck. If you are looking for something specific, just let the Instyle Yachts team know!


Why choose Instyle Yachts?

Instyle Yachts is the premier luxury yacht charter company in Miami. They have yachts that are engineered to premier safety considerations, and unparalleled elegance. The Instyle Yachts team is also extremely knowledgeable and eager to help you have the best trip. If you want to be taken care of from start to finish, then choose Instyle Yachts as your yacht rental in Miami.