Photo Opportunities in Miami onboard

Book a yacht in Miami to sight see, to explore, and of course, to document the process. If you do not have a picture of the experience, did it even happen? Luckily, in terms of boating and yachting, they are naturally some of the most photogenic activities you can participate in. Here are our top tips on the best photo opportunities when onboard a private yacht. Plus, a little tip on how to take the best selfie.

1. Pair your selfie with an iconic background





There is nothing that says luxury and opulence as taking a photo in front of a famous monument while on the privacy of your own yacht. Instyle Yachts provide a large variety of yachts from their fleet that can take you on any sort of adventure. For a cruise around the famous Miami sights such as the Flagler Monument, Star and Hibiscus Island, or simply the Miami skyline why not check out one of our Sundancer series. These nimble and elegant vessels can bring you to a first-class view of any of these iconic tourist destinations. Up your selfie game by showcasing the water, yacht, and historic monument!

2. Employ the natural beauty of the sea





The colors of the sea and sky are particularly beautiful in a picture. The water surrounding Florida coastline is a piercing blue and a perfect backdrop to an iconic picture. Get someone to snap a shot of you jumping from the boat, swimming in the azure water, or lounging by the back deck. The stunning beauty of the Atlantic Ocean will elevate any photo you snap onboard the vessel.

3. Wait for Golden Hour





Golden hour, or the hour or so before sunset, is a photographer’s favorite time of the day. The sun’s colors shift from stark white to gentle hues of orange and yellow. It gives the subjects of the photo a sun kissed look and an evened-out skin tone. Get your phone or camera ready to capture the beauty of this time of day. You can either choose to shoot with the sun where the amber rays kiss your face or against the sun, to create a powerful contrast and showcase the colors. On our famous sunset cruises, these pictures can be particularly effective. The sunsets in Florida are stunning, and seeing the sun set while on the water is a magical experience.

4. Jump in for some Reef footage





Miami is one of the biggest cities in the world that is located so near a thriving reef system. The coral reefs around the coast of Florida are the home to a large array of stunning underwater creatures. If you have a mask and snorkel as well as an adventurous spirit, you can try your lucky at the ultimate selfie with a turtle. Reef fish, dolphins, sea birds, and colorful coral are all other possible subjects. We do encourage you to be respectful of our oceans and leave behind nothing but bubbles. Touching any of the marine life (whether alive or apparently dead, such as rocks), can be damaging to the environment.

If you want to focus on your photography, there is absolutely no reason to not book a boat rental with crew. Instyle Yachts will take care of the whole experience, leaving you to become a photographer for the day. Capture the beauty of the coast, and we would love to see the photos you come up with! Tag us in your social media to share your experience with us.

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