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Snorkel Key Largo and Christ of the Abyss Onboard a Private Yacht

Have you ever wanted to escape from everyday life? Sink into another world thru underwater snorkel? Explore something extraordinary? Luckily for you, as humans, we know less about our very own oceans than outer space. So, for a completely out of this world experience, all you need is a snorkel set and the coastal waters of Florida.

For the best reef options and adventure flexibility, book yourself a charter yacht from Miami with Instyle Yachts. Their friendly crew will help you create the itinerary of your dreams.

Is underwater snorkel safe?

If you know how to swim, snorkeling is perfectly safe and easy. However, if you are unsure in the water, your crew will be able to provide you with a life vest to boost your confidence. The best rule of thumb is to also avoid touching anything underwater. Coral, rocks, and other sea structures can give you sharp cuts! So, for your safety, and the oceans, please keep your hands to yourself!






What is the water temperature?

The water in Key Largo is a beautiful 82-87 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. In addition to the sunny blue skies, you will hardly need a wetsuit to keep warm! Ensure to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation or sunburn by grabbing a sun shirt or thin wetsuit. This way you can avoid potentially hazardous chemical sunscreen for the reef. Keep your eyes peeled for Reef Safe Sunscreen!

What will you see when snorkeling in Key Largo?

Key Largo is home to one of the most biodiverse underwater ecosystems in the world. Coral Reefs are fascinating structures of animal and plants living together in enormous colonies. These slow growing, limestone-based construction attract sea life in all forms. Enjoy peeking beneath the waves and feel welcome among the fish, crustaceans, waving corals and splendid colors. Since color disappears the deeper you go below the water, the best viewing is a few feet below the surface. See how many different color fish you can spot or simply gaze at the mesmerizing coral. Soft coral, hard coral, sea fans and more all grow within coral reefs. There are some truly healthy reefs available a short ride from Miami.







Where can you see the Christ of the Abyss?

The Christ of the Abyss is a towering statue of Jesus Christ that is under water. Since the statue of Christ submerged underwater is a popular tourism draw, unfortunately, the reef is quite damaged. Despite this, Christ makes an impressive photo opportunity for snorkelers. So, grab your equipment and dive beneath the waves from your charter Miami Yacht to get there!

What creatures can your snorkel with in key largo?

Some of the other creatures that make frequent appearances include green and hawksbill sea turtles. These underwater reptiles cruise along the coral reefs and can be quite inquisitive of divers!

Despite what the film Nemo has shown you, please do not try to ride the back of a turtle! Do not miss out on the beauty of Florida’s reefs so book yourself a luxurious yacht charter Miami. Click here to see the extensive fleet and chose the perfect yacht! 

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