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Organize your own Miami River Charter

The Miami river runs out of the everglades and through the city of Miami. It is the foundation of this thriving city and has many fantastic spots to stop and explore. If you want to get to know Miami from another perspective, then you should consider this Miami boat rental with crew. InStyle Yachts can plan your trip to feature the most iconic parts of Miami river, while you sit back and relax onboard a luxurious yacht.







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What is the Miami river?

The Miami river is a river in Florida that drains from the Everglades and through Downtown Miami. It is a 5.5-mile-long river that travels from Miami Canal to Biscayne Bay. Prior to the urbanization of the area, Miami river was a natural river inhabited by the Tequesta Indians. Unfortunately, since then, it was dredged and polluted throughout its flow. Now, the river is at the Port of Miami that attracts plenty of boat and tourism traffic. Through the increase of popularity, the rivers health and pollution condition has improved. As a result, many marine animals can be seen in the area.

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What animals live in the Miami River?

Both birds, reptiles, and fish are abundant in the Miami river in Florida. Some of the most spotted creatures include the pacific chorus frog, western toad, green frog, north-western salamander, north-western garter snake and more. In terms of mammals, the banks occasionally have mule deer, and more scampering in the undergrowth. Of course, the biodiversity increases as you travel further upstream. If you are interested in paddling the Miami River Canal, then you may see more animal life. 







What can you see on the Miami River?

The Miami River offers an abundance of river front views for tourists wanting to explore Downtown Miami. Unlike seeing Miami from a car or by foot, traveling by boat gives you a first-class view. From the water, you can see the famous Miami Riverwalk with all its stores and fantastic architecture. You can travel the shortest working river in the world, and you can check out all the unique buildings that have sprung up in Florida. For example, the 6th Street Bridge, 5th street bridge, or the Scottish Rite Temple.

Why rent a yacht to see Miami River?

A yacht allows you to travel and see the Miami River in a way you want. The Miami River canal is a beautiful spot to explore on your own adventure on a private yacht. Instyle Yachts has a range of yachts that can take you on this south Florida adventure. Having your own yacht gives you the flexibility and privacy of a first-class service. With Instyle Yachts, you will also have a knowledgeable crew who can help become your partial guides on this adventure. So, what are you waiting before booking with this Miami yacht charter company?

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