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The best way to see the Perseid Meteor Showers in Miami

Summertime in Florida means many different things to different people. For some it is ample cocktails by the pool or a fantastic tan. To you it may be a luxurious hotel get away. One of the lesser known, but nonetheless incredible attractions are the sky shows. This summer you do not want to miss the Perseid Meteor Shower. They are one of the best meteor showers in the year.

What are the Perseid Showers?

The Perseids produce a stunning exhibition from the month of August. Interestingly , the bright meteors streak across the sky and leave long wakes of light and color. These space rocks originally come from the comet 109p/Swift Tuttle. Their name, however, is due to their position in the sky. They appear to originate from the constellation Perseus.

This awe-inspiring display of meteors can produce 50 to 100 meteors every hour with vibrant fireballs. You will see explosions of light that are more persistent than many meteors to be seen across the country.







What is the best way to see meteor showers?

According to NASA the best way to experience meteor showers is to head to a place with little light pollution and clear skies. Beaches and coastal parks are popular meteor watching spots. However, the best seats in the house are on board a luxury yacht sitting out at sea.

Not only will you be surrounded by the dark of the water and few other boats. But you will have the vastness of the ocean to magnify the beauty of the showers. All you need to do is organize an overnight, or several night cruise in your own chartered yacht.


What yacht should you choose?

Choose from a wide selection available in the Instyle Yacht fleet, There are many sizes available to accommodate your needs. Whether you are a couple, family, or a larger group there is something for you. You will be able to select a luxury yacht ideal for your situation. The yachts you can charter have comfortable living quarters, private bathrooms, fridges for your drinks, and ergonomically designed deck space.

If you want something truly exceptional, why not check out the stunning Neptunus? This is a 58’motor yacht has three generous staterooms, three heads, a lower helm, and a sit-down dining area. There is a spacious dinette and galley fully equipped with burner stoves, fridges, and a freezer. If you choose to spend your time inside, you will not miss out on the beautiful views with a 360-degree panorama available through the large windows. Although if you wish to see the stars, you will need to take a seat outside.

The best way to experience the Perseids

Enjoy the natural display of the Perseid meteor showers from the comfortable seats at the back of the yacht. You can also splay out on the deck for maximum comfort. There is nothing better than ending a day of exploring of the Miami coastline than a shining nature show. Click on this link to get in touch with the helpful team at Instyle yacht charters to find the best option for you. You will be able personalize your itinerary to sightsee during the day and find a calm spot at night. Just bring your favorite music and prepare to watch streaks of light dancing across the sky in first class.







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