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This is the best way to celebrate Christmas in 2020

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate these holidays? Whether you wish to surprise your family with an opulent present or have a romantic Christmas Instyle Yachts is the ultimate boat rental in Miami. With a team that can find the perfect yacht for your festivities, look no further than Instyle Yachts for these holiday celebrations.











A family Christmas at Sea

Maybe you are looking for something a little different this year. Maybe you want to give your family a gift like never before? Why not bring your family Christmas with a little Miami opulence? Christmas in Florida is far away from snowy white tradition. So, take this opportunity to create a new tradition by pushing Florida sunshine into overdrive. Celebrate your holiday with drinks on the sea, views of the iconic Miami coastline, and your family right there. Whether it is for a couple of hours or couple of days, cruise away from everyday life onboard a luxury yacht.






Work events at Christmas on a yacht

What can be a better way to thank your hardworking employees and colleagues than throwing an unforgettable Christmas party? Why not charter the 58’ Neptunus that can provide ample seating and entertaining areas. This beautifully engineered yacht is first class in safety and comfort. It has several seating areas both inside and outside. A full gulley within allows the crew to store your drinks and food. While the 360 panoramic views inside the salon will provide spectacular views of the Miami coastline. All you need to do is contact Instyle Yachts and set your cruising itinerary.

Where can we go over Christmas?

Since most travel might not be opened up, make use of what the beautiful state of Florida has to offer. You can choose to cruise iconic Miami sights and beaches. Or you may choose to explore lighthouses along the coastline. Another alternative is to visit one of the many underwater coral reefs. Bring your mask, fins, and swimsuit for the perfect Miami, sunny Christmas.

Why choose Instyle Yachts?

You choose Instyle Yachts for the comfort, safety, and variety. The helpful Instyle Yachts team can help you pick an ideal yacht for you. Depending on how many people in your party and ideal itinerary they can help you find a yacht to suit. Instyle Yachts also carries all the necessary insurance, skilled crew, and regular maintenance checks on all their vessels. The process of booking your yacht is smoother than ever before. Whether you wish to book online, over email, or over the phone Instyle Yachts has an option for you. For this reason, you should choose Instyle Yachts for your yacht charters in Miami.

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