Yacht Charters for Corporate Events

Are you looking for the ultimate Christmas party? Or to step up team building exercises? Or to have the greatest dinners, product launch, or seminar your company has ever seen. Get the team together to experience this unforgettable voyage onboard one of the chartered yachts from Instyle Yachts. The fleet has a wide range of options that can be selected to accommodate any sized event for your occasion.Between personalized itineraries to suit your party’s needs, and white glove service, this event will stand out from all previous ones. Nothing adds to an atmosphere like a stunning backdrop of one of the most modern yachts in the world. The sleek designs, comfortable seating areas, and designated cocktail bars will certainly step up your corporate event.

Guests will never forget the luxurious feel of being on a yacht. The team at Instyle Yachts would be more than happy to suggest a cruising itinerary for you and your event. They are specifically trained to find the perfect yacht to suit your needs. For example, broad windows along the sides of the 58 Neptunus were specifically crafted to maximize light. They illuminate the three staterooms below deck, which provide ample entertaining space. The marginally larger 80’Azimut steps up the experience with additional space. You will have sophisticated indoor seating areas, a spacious sundeck with panoramic views wherever you cruise.

The cruises around Miami will allow your guests to experience a varied perspective on the Miami skyline. Sail past the iconic Hibiscus Island, Millionaire’s Row, Flagler Monument, and Fisher Island all with a fizzing drink in your hand. Enjoy the sea breeze during the day or let your guests marvel at the beauty of a sunset on the water. Whatever your event, chartering a yacht will certainly etch this celebration into the company’s memory. So, what are you waiting for? Give the team a call to find the best yacht and itinerary for you.

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